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Monitor Archive for September 19, 1980

Long-term program aims to stamp out malnutrition in the Philippines

Electronics hums with home-grown firms, US 'big boys'
The 2/3 debate: whose risks are greatest?
US announces plan to cut south Florida refugee flow
Journalists honor Monitor
Bricks are falling in back of fireplace
Cooperatives stretch power lines to remote villages
Havana follows through in punishing skyjacking
Japanese steel firm expanding on Mindanao

One way to keep paint on concrete-block wall

The midnight ride of Wang and Li, or how to snip Chinese red tape
Things to do with all those end-of-season tomatoes
Prosecution raps FBI 'bag jobs'
Marcos faces an uncertain period as dissidence wells up
Zoos join to save periled species
The 19th day of September
Some houseplants, like crotons, look good but take much care
Very classical to very modern: Hartford Stage's season
Puerto Azul, a planned resort 40 miles from Manila, is unique in all Asia
Marinduque earns $22 million profit after 3 dry years extracting ores
Economic signs point up, but can clues be trusted?
University, built in a twinkling, seeks to train middle-level public servants
Berlin's link to West cut by a rail strike
Friendly hospitality spawns half a billion in tourist dollars
Somalia tries to develop a sugar-cane and sugar-export industry
Polish unions pick up members -- and snags
If Rip woke up during this campaign
Australia elections charged with scandals, economic issues
British befuddlement grows as prices rise, 2 million go jobless
Growing population prompts land reform in Manila slums
'I found faith' with Bible study in prison, Aquino says
Facts on the Philippines
Saudis, losing patience with US, flex oil-money muscles
A 3rd- world land that bucked precarious tide of the '70s
Meet Arturo Tanco, a technocrat who tends the vital farming front
Costs per square foot: remodeling is different
Minister of industry defends centralized government
Pacific's Ring of fire spews geothermal electric power
To save a life in Seoul
Marcos urges business leaders to build aggressive export network
Maine votes on atom plant, but can a state decide?
A range of 11 big industrial projects is in the works
Carter may wrestle with Anderson factor even after first debate
Delay in Bataan plant poses test for US nuclear exports
It's hard to beat a chimney sweep

Curious ipil-ipil the key to wood-fueled power plants
Recession sets back growth plan, but groundwork is laid
Morality plays

Powerful 'FL' -- a 'star' and a 'slave'
Arthur Miller talks of his holocaust drama
House votes to block A-fuel sale to India
Key opposition leader sizes up Marcos -- and the future

The price of poisonous dumps
Growing season ends but garden is all-year job
Brett races clock for .400
High court refuses review of abortion funding curb
Looking to Palawan reefs for an 'East Texas' oil bonanza
Can Wall Street cash in on altering genes?
War, fear, and love

From prison to sharecropping to tending agrarian reform
The greenest light
Manila's export zones lure businesses from overseas
A lovely bunch of coconut products
Joint mining venture
A unique 'export' is turned out by construction firms

Major US companies long ago discovered lively market
Research center near Manila -- 2nd 'rice revolution'?
Pound of future, please
What the Saudis are saying
Turkish terrorists plot more political violence
The plantations: exports and jobs, some fringe benefits -- and tentions
First family accused of undue riches
Less dependence on imported oil catapults to priority status in economy
Libya's heavy-handed policy nudges Malta toward the West
The Somoza legacy: he failed the people he professed to love
Iraqi border war diverts Iran from hostage issue
Food program for poor aims to improve child care
Mini 'H-bomb' blasts: a key to the feasibility of fusion power use?