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Monitor Archive for September 17, 1980

Zimbabwe troubled by outbreak of political violence
Chun's test: making sure Korea's prosperity continues
Dallas styles span from western to feminine
Wales tries to keep its Welsh tongue talking
Bomb tests: US deceived its citizens
America's (corporate) Cup race
Saudi oil strategy tests limits of petro-power
The new Reggie Jackson: still awesome, but mellower
Fighting the good fight -- a history; Marching to Glory: The History of the Salvation Army in the United States of America, 1880-1980, by Edward H....
UN alarm on famine in 26 African lands
Understanding inflation
Put coal into the pipeline
Companies relocating fewer employees

Let's begin the campaign
Burning wood: lost art makes sense again
The erosion of US technological strength
The benefits of practice
Chicago is rapidly becoming a theater town for all seasons

Michigan continues at top of US jobless figures
Will the rain hurt the rhubard? 'Log on' and find out
Thailand calm after flap over Prem's Army role
Reflective materials restrict heat flow
Poland -- everyone wants to share strikers' gains
Hearts and hostages
US hopes to meet USSR on Euromissiles Oct. 15
Turkish leader outlines short-term plans
My helper and I: on adopting each other
US says poor weather to pinch world's silos
Octogenarian Malcolm Cowley challenges some old-age stereotypes; The View from 80, by Malcolm Cowley. New York: The Viking Press. $6.95.
while BBC polishes its English accent
Liberal faces 'new right' test in Iowa
A flavorful trek across Alaska; Going to Extremes, By Joe McGinniss. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $11.95.
My slithering live-in
The 'wind furnace' -- an energy source?

The gift of beauty
Orders bring some steelworker rehiring
Provocative inducements for buying books
US warns against seizure of its embassy in Kabul
US rail mergers point to four giant systems
Koreans at the supermarket of modern Western style
Will Carter upstage debates?
Business, tourists agree: Portugal a bargain
Let's keep the grain embargo
Understanding mutual funds
A realization
Soviet foreign minister in Cuba on way to UN
Magazine keeps tabs on children's media
Anderson backers: poll discloses who they are and aren't
Iran votes to set up hostage review panel
West Germany expels two Iraqis
The rush to house-building classes
Hydrogen fusion -- US quickens drive to harness 'star power'
Another spur to immigration reform
A US nod to organic farms
US factories gain some hum