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Monitor Archive for September 15, 1980

Paris couture 'a laboratory of ideas'
Will Carter lose debate by default?
Separates: performance with pizazz
Bank study warns of perils ahead for Latin America
Abbie Hoffman and the art of outrage
Ticket to the world
Consultants help decide which color are best for you
Pinochet lays constitutional trump card
Quality and color keynote menswear
A 'stupid' (?) West German election campaign
For oil prospectors, these are good old days
This season:; Flexibility with a touch of fantasy
Organizing the extras
The Turkish takeover
Afghan minister reported killed
N. Korea offers terms for US peace, pullout
Trudeau heads back to the drawing board
Different strokes for different folks
Choose hope!
Cutbacks jolt British steel prospects
North-South at UN: a failure to communicate

Motives remain mystery in series of Philippine bombings
Key blacks opt for Carter; cite human rights concerns
Canada s quest for its own constitution
That quadrennial circus is good for us
Carter names board of synfuels unit
Canada: 'the classics are back'
Cardinal's abortion letter stirs political controversy
The feminine myth
Busing go-ahead in La. but more court action due
Race and schooling and social class and Britain
Fuel-switchers: free ride over?
Saudi officials raises doubt on shift in oil policy
Lawyer named to check Carter aide on drug count
Shoe news: heel heights come down to earth
Poland's official and unofficial unions fight for members
How Japanese can a Westerner feel?
Stocks wander -- but avoid seasonal 'massacre'
Britain brims with black and grey
US agrees to take some Cubans in Peru
World lit and Russian math to start the new year; Teacher, what should I read? Try; Guide to World Literature, Warren Carrer, editor; Kenneth A. Oli...
The champion horseshoe pitcher looks over the pro bowling circuit
America's Cup victory may go to the shapeliest mast
West wins some points in both Iran and Turkey
Joint foreign ventures grow
Pants come up short
Formidable tasks await junta after Turkish coup
'What is Ronald Reagan really like?'
Munich focus on third world energy
'Arts Alive' -- or, one way to harness youthful energies
Skyjackings to Cuba climb to a dozen this year
Easing the big step into junior high school
Ex-FBI officials undergo trials
Paley Park
A change in plans
Asia talks about compromise on Cambodia -- but it may be just a show
World lit and Russian math to start the new year; What the Soviets are doing in math class
Decoding those conflicting polls on Reagan, Carter
Lingerie: the French go for glamour
New older students join old younger ones
'Come Join Christ's Health Revolution'