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Monitor Archive for September 10, 1980

Garden pests -- in the larger scheme -- may be plants' friends
Polish Communists blame 'antisocialists' for turmoil
Breathing Exercise
On Explanation
Redefining the relationship of artists and unemployment compensation
A controversial feminist drama that defeats its own purpose
Some down-to-earth advantages in underground houses
Madrid security meeting averts initial controversy
Stormcloud over Chile's plebiscite: fresh charges of torture, terrorism
The colorist's art: taking the viewer by surprise

Worthwhile advice on how not to be subjugated; Powers of the Weak, by Elizabeth Janeway. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $13.95.
UFO reports -- 90 percent explained; scientists say rest should be investigated
A scientist's view; Coal, nuclear power: we can't manage without them
Deposit insurance
Memot of WWII in the Pacific; Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War, by William Manchester. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. $14.95.
It's business as usual: shortages and long lines
Postal 'inflation' -- here comes the 9-digit Zip Code

The gift which, shared, remains intact
Bond price fluctuations
Los Angeles: a milestone message
Low note at 'Met' -- possible strike

Different systems of solar power
The debates -- let's quit quibbling
Pentagon says Army units in US aren't combat-ready
Deposit term insurance
Paying sales tax on labor; easing strain of visitors
For sale: vacation fun in the sun for $13,000 and a 30-year commitment
Winter's home heating outlook: lots of fuel, less chilling price hikes
Becoming a partner
To be called by name
Poland: 'Whose side are we on, anyway?'
Meter readers to vanish like icemen?
Rail deregulation: A boost for Carter with big business?

Black police protest layoffs in Detroit
NATO Navy -- 'determined' in face of strong Soviet fleet
New Cabinet for Spain has many old faces
Weddings: the return to tradition
Solar sail project on shoestring
Glimmers in the nuclear cloud
Has the Kemp-Roth 30 percent tax cut become too little?
Reagan attaches price tag to his economic ideas
Suarez reshuffles Spanish Cabinet to earn credibility
Reagan would meet Carter head-to-head in Debate No. 2
Caution on wiring
President Bani-Sadr, new premier locked in struggle for power in Iran
Nostalgic, scholarly look at America's small-town tradition and values; Small Town America: A Narrative History 1620-The Present, by Richard Lingema...
Home: seeking and finding
Fresh wind for Law of Sea
Pete Rose is hungry for a Phillies pennant

Coping for the elderly
Tehran lists Iraqi losses in fighting along border