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Monitor Archive for August 8, 1980

Looking ahead

The kalanchoe leaf: pretty and strangely prodigious
Crumbling patio bricks -- just replace them
Getting at the 'bang' in hot-water tank

Reagan camp ponders way to beef up US ICBM force
Iranians in Capital tug at explosive US-Iran tensions
Simplified federal tax form being tested in California
Obey the Tenth Amendment
The arts are thriving in Jerusalem -- despite everything

Food dehydrator can help save a garden's overflow
Gulf shrimp boats sail into trouble on economic ebb tide
World's largest landlord is short of homes
West German economy marred by latest unemployment figures
Former Bolivian candidate declares closet regime
Heating options for basements
Don't let rain pelt bare soil
Trees as windbreaks
Billy Carter probe now enters 'quiet' phase
Pond could be used as heat-pump source
Carter's chief of staff evaluates his boss and rates his first four years
Zimbabwe murder. What impact on the nation's future?
Dam crews work to save 900 villages in India
Magazine reports A-alert that missile set off
Stopgap TV (sort of)
Search for the Titanic gets started at 3 sites
Whistle while you swerve
Agencies push student-aid quest
A quest for the perfect potato
Australians debating role of foreign investment
Oh, for a touch of oratory
Key Pirate beset by objects thrown at him from stands
Saving the scrubbing on aluminum storms
New oil quest at Aborigine shrine
Zimbabwe: justice without color
Conventions: boisterous, often full of nonsense, and sometimes historic
Israeli crackdown 'helps' West Bank radicals
Immigrants changing face of Sweden
Bani-Sadr warns Iranians that fascism undercuts their revolution
Soviets step up criticism of US
Eagle-eyeing the circling Soviet hawks
Having enough
Libya's Qaddafi: outcast abroad -- 'philosopher-king' at home

Invasion force repulsed in Ogaden, Ethiopia says
A Broadway-bound satire -- heartwarming and hilarious
Hurricane Allen strikes Yucatan; Texas braced
White House contenders' economic policies show sharp contrasts
To break bread among friends