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Monitor Archive for August 6, 1980

'Great hurricane' sweeps toward Jamaica and Cuba
HONGKONG; Powerful magnet for Asian refugees
Freedom in a gentle way
Solomon Islanders voting for first parliament
Retired couple finds restoring 'old things' pays off
The 'little guy' market investor is often right; Treasury bills
"Billy" affair - why it happened, its consequences; Senate told of unique US-Libya relationship
China-Taiwan ice thawing?
For an art critic: a deduction
Japan warns of USSR in Far East
Does the US want a 'welfare fleet?'
Egypt, concerned about Carter, welcomed Reagan aide
'Billy has had no influence on US policy'
To find a voice
What guidebooks don't tell about Washnington; Mass.: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. $10.95 cloth, $5.95 paperback.
Japan: star pupil becomes world's teacher in carmaking
Where to get kits for electric cars
Helium: conserve what we may one day need
Children of exiles: what nation is home?
Appliances shopping: tags say more
The West's stake in third-world aid; President hopes he has quieted his critics
Carter's case
The first modern actor and his outrageous ideas; 'Macready! - a celebration of the actor' Written and performed by Frank Barrie. Directed by Donald...
Hurricane Allen's fury spurs calls for fast action on storm warnings
Washington 'brain drain' to industry?
Libraries battle the elements to preserve old books
Partial autonomy granted to rival Belgian regions
Sudan cools toward Eritrea rebels as Ethiopia warms up to Khartoum
Toward one Korea; The Neautralized Unification of Korea, by In K hwang. Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman Publishing Company. $15.95 cloth $8.95 paperback.
The 'little guy' market investor is often right
Armenian gunmen avenge 1915 massacre by Turks
Israel replies to Egypt on halting autonomy talks
Loan 'overdrafts' for US agencies
Shelley became a star and then she studied acting
Moscow settles down for a long stay
British Parliament's watchdog committee "explains" Afghan invasion
The West's stake in third-world aid; The view from Bonn
Time and again
The West's stake in the third-world aid; The view from Washington
Needed: a new kind of tourist
Cuban refugees protest treatment at US center
Iraq and Iran use bullets, propaganda, and 'hostages' in Gulf power struggle
In olympics the Russians invented the word "boycott"
Homeowners: beware those repair deals that seem too good to be true
Rebels astir in new Pacific nation
US automakers push quality to try to answer the imports
Agnew case revisited; Go Quietly or Else, by Spiro T. Agnew. New york. William Morrow & Co. $10.95.
Moscow's Misha bids a teary but colorful farewell to Olympic Games
Second chances
Spray cans and the perils of environmental dissent
New look at america's most-written-about newspaper; Without Fear or Favor, by Harrison E. Salisbury. New york: Times Books. $17.50 .
Service at Hiroshima marks 35th anniversary
America's 6-month-old recession -- Will it be a 'V,' a 'U,' or an 'L'?
Extra energy step? It's hardly needed
Saving the forgotten refugees