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Monitor Archive for August 5, 1980

Survey of Israeli expansion in Jerusalem
Media not kept out of trial on A-plant security fraud
More joyful laughs
The unhappy giants
Just an average day in America

Wesern slump as bad as '74-75 -- a German forecast
Anti-American sentiment heats up in Iran over treatment of Iranian students in US
Hanford: prototype nuclear energy 'park'?
Those arrested Iranians
Without a country?
Waldheim searches for common denominators in Thai-Viet equation
The fall and rise of plucky Steam-Yacht Gondola
Slide in oil use brings cushion
East-bloc leaders abandon summer seaside summits
Costly Spanish shipping strike settled; inflationary pacts ensue
Major West German terrorist operation stalled, but
From Sampson and Delilah through the Age of Aquarius

Track drama sustained Olympics despite boycott
Amid lighter fare: powerful drama on the straw hat trail
Begin support erodes amid Jerusalem moves
Anderson still hurdling ballot obstacles
To Russia, with jeans
Is the Western alliance military muscle more than a match for Soviets?
What's behind Israeli's extension of Jewish control over holy city
Britain turns to oil diplomacy with OPEC

States seek control of atomic waste sites
Swinging away summer in a hammoc on Pawleys Island

Olympic triple task: end political discord, define amateur, cut drugs
Soviets step up cleanup of eastern Afghan rebels
Season's first hurricane sweeps into Caribbean
A loss of faith cited for US economics peril
Indian rains bring hardship, harvest
The Pianist
Jobs trend cheers Carter, but not unions or blacks

Sandcastles with a message
Reagan reaches out to blacks in 'jobs, jobs, jobs' speech
Mississippi toxic cleanup closes Louisiana wetlands
Once farming was hot, dirty job -- but machines have changed all that
Move to revive IRS drug busting
Moscow polishes its human-rights image for post-Olympic diplomatic offensive
Egypt is off Arab vacationers' blacklist
Deep-water oil: ocean explorers probe the potential
Plundering Egypt's pyramid treasures
The many masks of modern art -- X; The conservative realistic tradition in 20th -- century art
Why have the futurists gone upbeat?