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Monitor Archive for August 4, 1980

Windfall profits tax nicks big firms, but thumps little royalty owners
Raids stymie relief efforts in Uganda famine area
Pools of wonder
Bani-Sadr says boycott has upped import costs
Western upturn in mid-81?
Remembering the source
China, W. Germany open telecommunications line
Zimbabwe's need now
Surprise breakthrough on cheap solar cells to make electricity
A summer idyll
Go ahead -- become an expert -- study what you want
S. Africa press balks at strictures
Sadat delays talks as answer to Israeli action
Winner in the last lap
Mixing academics, sports, and dramatics in a day camp
Mediation that heals
Stocks take another spurt on sighs of a US upturn
'I've never enjoyed tennis more'
Era of 'uncertainly' still persits 35 years after A-bomb blast
Whos's the best pitcher?
Japanese auto plants for US could offer fewer jobs than expected
Senate hearings: high political stakes; 'Billygate' inquiry will tread lightly till after convention
Yankee Doodle Dandy!
The Cat
Hussein: Mideast faces disaster if peace lags
Surge in oil going to West Berlin evens up East-West German trade
In New Mexico
Soviet ballerina applies to join defector husband
Can Carter come back in New York
Mideast nuclear threat -- tale of murder, intrigue
Women still lag in sports setups
Some gains and some strains on the US energy front
'Billy' fallout no help for Kennedy
How the media blur the picture
Marinas files protest over Japanese A-dumping
I love to write letters!
Italy weathers storm of right- and left-wing terrorist attacks

Chicagoans go to college in their local libraries
Jazz on the public airwaves
West braces for post-Olympic growls from the Kremlin
Conservation at this camp from a worm's point of view
Waldheim sees progress in Kampuchea peace plan
World's women: the challenge of Copenhagen
China, W. Germany open telecommunications line
Carter pressed for package as economy hints recovery
First-quarter US incomes up 2.6%; inflation up 3%