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Monitor Archive for August 29, 1980

The tensions behind the Peking Congress
When a corporate chieftain goes to bat in fund raising
US opera star to perform and teach on China visit
IMF sees OPEC surplus as aid for third world
Get plan and architect for Victorian alteration
Labor Day in wonderland
Marmalademakers return to the abandoned rose hip

Poland: 'free trade union' issue becomes critical point
us too reliant on Africa minerals, congressman warns
Water hyacinth pretty pest
Communism: never the same after Poland
Oil ease-up eases US trade gap
'Performing' a painting can be an art well, almost an art
Mexico's new oil politics sidesteps US trade
'The best-laid plans'
Who attacked US envoy in Lebanon? Too many groups to be sure
Applying an overlay to buckled sidewalks
Former Jordanian premier returns to his old job
Carter unveils blueprint for US economy
New ideas on reining in big government
'Greenhouse' apartment complex to rise in Boston

He tried to bridge the 'real' and the abstract'
An in-house feud that weakens NATO in Europe, Mideast
Israelis continue attack on Lebanese rebel bases
Some state ballots don't list Lucey with Anderson
Montreal convicts free hostages and surrender
US dockworkers begin boycott of Polish cargo

Grow salad greens indoors
'Waterproofed' siding poses sticky problem
Peabody Drive
Seoul says universities an reopen after ban
Why check a horoscope?
Charm of old Macao falls under wrecker's ball
'Anderson difference' makes '80 presidential result anybody's guess
Press freedom issue raised
Somalia claims Ethiopians repulsed in an invasion
What the voters are thinking
How to put a brake on the Haitian exodus
Hollywood strike: a long-running showdown?

How to clean away cellar efflorescence
NATO war games about to begin
and British bobbies danced in the street
Day 300 -- hostages still power-play pawns

Dissident Russian priest gets 5 years' hard labor
French port traffic moves freely as blockade ebbs
America's Cup sailing isn't entirely on the water