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Monitor Archive for August 22, 1980

Lisbon expels 4 Soviets on charges of spying
UN tries to keep refugees from reselling the rice it gives them to eat
Bolivian regime purging leftists
Eyeing 'pear-shaped Earth' to understant its wobbles
Michigan vs. Michigan State on the economic gridiron
American Legionnaires' encounter with three presidential candidates
Back to grafting and budding basics in Hannibal, Mo.

Billy says he had no deal, made no pleas fof Libya
In Japan comic books aren't just for children anymore
Japan to appeal US levy on imports of trucks
Fall fashion change for US presidents: coattails get shorter

Multinational corporations up against growing uncertainty in the '80s
Newspapers and compassion
Inflate bike tires, not air prices
Soviet naval threat to Japan oil route grows

Removing graffiti on limestone wall
Damaged Soviet sub leaking radioactivity?
Big push in oil-search gear
A thorn flower for all year long
"At our best"

A true-false quiz to help you learn about houseplants
US dockers push boycott to support Polish workers
Ninth inning for the Alaska bill

A husband's housework is never done
China exhorts peasants: "No more empty boasts, get down to work' Commune life styles improve but goal of $1,000-a-year income long way off
Seen in a new light
The wages of Marxism
The country-Western trend goes on -- with music
US tests a new 'phantom' jet
Baltimore's hot streak: all the way?
Hands across the borders, European-style
Britain finds new, efficient means of turning coal to oil
British may turn off CB radio fans
Strategic delusions
Getting oil stains off hardwood floors

Carter, Kennedy, and Legionnaires
China rebukes Reagan on his Taiwan policy
Getting started with a care-free terrarium
A communist first: Poland openly admits strikes
BURNOOSES among the BOWLERS; London's wealthy Arab population
Clean up, fix up, spruce up if you want to sell your house