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Monitor Archive for August 20, 1980

Lack of funds grounds US scientists
Johnny Bench sizes up Reds for the stretch
A new Drucker gem on management; Managing in Turbulent Times, by Peter F. Drucker. New York: Harper & Row. $9. 95.
Northwestern Connecticut: where antiquers find a picnic
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Anderson's hope: it hangs from a chain of 'ifs'
90 KILLED IN Iranian village as fire sets off dynamite
Worker-state showdown looms in Poland
Cuba arrests refugees who hijacked US planes
What the world needs now
Black, white leaders try to keep racial peace in newly tense Boston

A tale of four would-be Cuban hijackers
Among our fellows in peace
Israel stages new attack in southern Lebanon

Anderson stumps in N.E., finds political weather cool
New Walker Percy novel: comedy shot through with serious concerns; The Second Coming, by Walker Percy. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $12.95
IRA guerrillas bomb facilities in South
A bit of Austria lodges in the Green Mountains
Why US and USSR aren't eyeball to eyeball over Poland: both recognize the stakes
Where are all those electric autos?
Hanoi troop shifts make Asia jittery
Road to cutting oil use may be paved with sulfur
Tuning in to TV's new season -- warily
Poland: muddling through a wave of strikes
Czechoslovakia: 12 years of hard-line rule and hard times
Hollywood producers have date with striking actors
A documented cry against waste and litter; The Waste Watchers, by Arthur H. Purcell. New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday. $4. 50.
Zimbabwe Cabinet official gets bail in murder case
Workers OK pay cuts to save jobs
FTC, others crack down on vending machine schemes
Ode to old ballparks: they had character
Dealing with the human equation on the busy executive's home front; Tradeoffs: Executive, Family and Organizational Life, by Barrie S. Greiff and Pr...
From a Swiss writer, a parable of stoic resolve; Man in the Holocene, by Max Frisch. Translated by Geoffrey Skelton. New York: Harcourt Brace Javano...
New sound -- and a new world -- for George Shearing
Pushcart annual: a roundup of the best from the small presses; The Pushcart Prize, V: Best of the Small Presses (1980-81 Edition). Edited by Bill He...
Senate votes to preserve 106 million acres in Alaska
Israel high court rejects appeal of West Bank mayors
The Royal Pavillion
Japanese women press for equality
Peabody Museum explores a maritime past
Putting 'lethal teeth' in US foreign policy
the recumbent bicycle -- a different way to get around
Libyahs neighbors keep close watch on Qaddafi

$300,000 more for Billy Carter?
Northwestern Connecticut: where antiquers find a picnic
US corporate profits post a record drop
Spotting threats to wildlife, farmland from out in space
King Herod's capital yields treasures in Caesarea 'dig'
Newport: seaside playground with a rich past

Falling for New England
Unity is only skin-deep
Man is God's own