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Monitor Archive for August 18, 1980

I Like Ike -- and Reagan, too
South Korea itself poses security test for US

Farmers seek 'fair' return for feeding the US
Carter to get AFL-CIO backing, but heavy labor vote is another matter
Bank calls for more trade, aid to poor nations
Arabs gain in struggle to move West's embassies from Jerusalem
More summer briefs; No excuse for global illeteracy
A royal afternoon tea with Her Majesty the Queen
Shakespeare and the computer: a whodunnit
Israel hints strong action if Iraq pursues nuclear quest

The Inspectors General of the pro tennis circuit
Thais find substitute for opium crop
To maintain 'a suprising nuclear stability
Earning the American dream
Your community needs you and needs your learning too
Egypt reviews its stance as Mideast nuclear arms swell
If You Come to London
Richard was never like this!
How about having some real debates?
South African officials sees role for blacks' progress
Peacemaking with local businesses aids Cleveland's rise from default
US marshals again ride jets after hijack flurry

Despite critics, western Canada builds a petrochemical industry
Carter and the eroding presidency
Stocks keep right on going; pullback prospect debated
Search for the Titanic may have found the site

Norway reveals major energy find
Be a super seller
Summer briefs for dog-day afternoons; Summer school at IBM
French fishermen's strike traps tourists at ports
Credit where credit is due
About our kids' page
Summer briefs for dog-day afternoons; Don't overlook educational tax deductions
More summer briefs; Salaries fall behind for college faculty

Ways to keep kids in clothes without cleaning out the wallet
US denies it plans to invade Iran
Summer briefs for dog-day afternoons; It's all right to talk but skating?
More summer briefs; Using a voice to move a train
On the edge of the impossible; Sculptor Anthony Caro
Violence from pig incident kills over 150 in India
Syria says it killed leader of Muslim unit's guerrillas
Safety in small cars
Central America caught in wave of violence
2 foreign newsmen held in Iran in spy inquiry
Calling on Carter

Carter to review embargo on grain, McGovern says
E. Europe edgy over Poland
slight upturn posted, but US still in recession
Should you quit school?

South Africans question prime minister's 'dictatorial' tendency