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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1980

Antarctic melt-down: no reason to expect it just yet
Investing in a Swiss annuity wise?; Swiss investment
Refugees eke out marginal existence in dry Somalia
Archaeology: mroe business than scholarship?
Perry Ellis fashions: 'less is more'
Mississippi outlet due to reopen after toxic spill
Maury Wills still looks hard for ways to win the ball game
Along Wall Street, all eyes are on the 'Reagan rally'
Kennedy delegates interviewed are split over whether or not they will support Jimmy Carter
New York gets tough on unregistered handguns
China lays plans to boost jobs, including self-help
Kennedy rules fight: Has reform gone too far?

Dunkirk: telling the whole story; Dunkirk: A Patriotic Myth, by Nicholas Harman. New York: Simon and Schuster. $ 12.95.
Steel orders bring some optimism
Taking fear out of summer heat
Khmer Rouge exiles say Viets use new poison gas
Testing a solar water heater that runs on simplicity
Retail sales pull ahead for third straight month
On West Coast, more complex solar preheats water to wash old cans
Convention drama captured on note pad
France's valiant underground; Soldiers of the Night: The Story of the French Resistance, by David Schoenbrun. New York: E. P. Dutton. $15.95.
Retired couple find career as magician team
Who is behind the terror wave in Turkey?
Nordic role in NATO needs beef-up panel says
The Energy Rod for heat storage
A California theater sprouts among the beets and broccoli
Iran, Afghanistan make two NATO allies rethink old feud
How to reform the Atlantic alliance
State of the convention; Despite polls and pols, will Carter's knack for winning come-from-behind races beat Reagan?
Controlling one's estate
Investment information sources
Souring relations between Britain and Iran fit revolutionary pattern
11 Latin American lands aim for a common market
At Noon of August
Handful of friendship
Successful strikes in Poland raise hopes for reform
Keep party reform going
Chilean policemen face trials in kidnappings
Spain chips away at Rock of Gibraltar
Dog days, dog stars
Organic farming blossoms into favor at US Agriculture Department
Australian beefs up defense, cements US military ties
Remembering the place
Reagan, Carter, and Moscow
Bond prices down
USDA forecast for chemicals on the farm
Bubble bursting
US says 13 missile craft being built for Saudis
Details of Carter's campaign plan: regional thrusts
'Cargo cult' America
Data team to re-enter Three Mile Island plant
Sweeping ban on South African political meetings runs into trouble
Moscow warns allies on energy
Koch warns Carter: 'Cities need help, and you need cities to win'