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Monitor Archive for July 8, 1980

Summer's heat poses test for California power
Mr. Muskie's urbanity
Energy building standards could save $155 billion
Portugal's new electoral alliance
Reforms aim at corruption in Bay State
French-Spanish ties strained
A fisherman's son may lead Japan
Ideal for the junior duffer; Golf course built for young
Oil and -- optimism?
Illegal Mexican aliens lose welcome as economy dips
Gooey, doughy, and tasty summer activities for all ages
Radio clock
Kremlin welcomes Olympic tourists -- but keeps them at arm's length
US raps trial prospect of Seoul opposition figure
New plan, old problems, for N. Ireland
W. Germans go full speed ahead on $3-a-gallon gas
US anxious to weave new threads into immigration net
South African by-election will pose test for English-speaking whites
Afghan wrestlers defect on eve of Moscow flight
YASSER ARAFAT voice of the PLO
Giscard, on German trip, talks up European clout
350-year-old Taj Mahal pitted by pollution
GOP hopes grow for 3-way sweep in 1980 election
'Lights, Camera Politics!': a print man looks at TV's impact
Egyptian-Israeli talks on autonomy postponed
West Stockbridge pioneers give a town new life
More banks cut prime to 11 1/2
A few lower readings give scant relief in heat wave
A tale of historic preservation in the Twin Cities
Small savers offered a 6-month certificate for tax shelter
Today was given me
USSR No. 2 among oil exporters
'Battle of Alaska' nears a climax
High Country News: an impartial eye on environment
Can the liberals do as much for America as before?
More than a moment
2,500 Assam students arrested in protest
Labor pleads jobs to Carter; but job lack favors Reagan
Are we perfect?
Why Carter shouldn't stop in Seoul
'I don't need no incentive'
Schmidt takes credit for Kremlin shift
Secretarian clashes in Turkey leave some cities split into armed camps
The many masks of modern art -- VIII
Mrs. Thatcher slashes recommended pay hikes
Taking aim at sexism lurking behind words; The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing for Writers, Editors and Speakers, by Casey Miller and Kate Swift (New...
Carter under pressure to ask Japan to cut back on car exports to US
Violence, economic turmoil threaten Jamaica's welfare