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Monitor Archive for July 31, 1980

The Observer to fold in October over dispute
Iraqi-French nuclear deal worries Israel
Engineer designs functional furniture from the inside out
Antique dishes add charm, nostalgia to today's tables
'Tosca' at Tanglewood: wrong approach
Utilities and their rates
Congress aid tactics may undo US third-world gains, economists warn
Mr. Carter's relatives
US pushes satellite setup to aid crop forecasting
Rachel can't read
Mt. St. Helens keeps unsettling experts
Tanglewood; Musicians at play

We could use some solid comedy this season
Using TV to catch a crook
The world when touched by rainbows
Carter's candor may pose political risks when meets Senate panel
Sohio cuts price of oil from Alaska by $4 a barrel
Carter rating plummets in poll
US defends Camp David against Israel and UN

South Korea -- a search for stability
US sees light in economic tunnel

My kingdom for a key
Congress backs penalties for naming secret agents
Should US bail out businesses? Treasury chief says 'sometimes'
Soviet gymnast sets medal mark . . . A basketball upset
Quake-prone Japan prepares for the 'big one'
Rivals find Talmadge, despite personal problems, won't be easy to beat
Hopper retrospective
Mutual fund performance records
Low-slung, high-sprung
One step forward one back on Latin America's road to civilian rule
Is air conditioning, once a luxury, becoming a necessity?
White House Stymied in attempt to handle 'Billy' affair quickly
Blue Berries
Japan: where yelling 'Batter up!' may turn off the lights
There he was, just jogging along in Moscow, when'
The Whitney pulls off the tricky feat of art co-existence
Soviet occupation gets entangled in Afghanistan feuds
Beyond Summer
Detroit says the worst may be over in auto sag
The diverse, helpful realm of trusts
Ah, sweet mystery of friendship!
Olympics sprinter of 20 years ago still sprints -- in the business world;
Well-known coleslaw -- two variations
Israel votes to make Jerusalem its capital
Kremlin pulls its punches on Palestinian vote
Garbage piles up in strike-torn Johannesburg
US help-wanted index edges upward in June
The way-of-life issue in American politics
Macho gets a haircut
What is the answer

UN's miss on Mideast
How Libya tried to win friends, gain influence in the US
Seoul brings journalists under 'purification' drive
Ford joins automakers reporting record losses