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Monitor Archive for July 25, 1980

In some cases just leave it alone
Oil company stocks turn into slippery buy for Wall STreet investors
Indo-China peace proposal: ruse or route to a Cambodia compromise?
New acquisition High Museum, Atlanta
'Boola-boola' and all that buncombe

A balanced perspective
A parent retires
Pentagon says US plans to sell Jordan new tanks
Get the hang of two lilies, aloe vera and spider plant
Idaho inmates wreck prison, hold officer
Potential wire problem
Carter urges world to act on US report
The heart of the matter
US heading for trade pact with China in textiles
Prime rate cut to 10 3/4 at Chase Manhattan Bank
Getting into art -- proceed with care
A sprinter frustrated by politics in '72 and '76 is back
Foreign ties reach into Reagan camp
Women from around world air bias in land ownership
Peter Sellers: talented comic actor of many voices and disguises
The 'rearming' of Germany, Japan
Soviets bid for third-world prestige with Viet cosmonaut
A halt on export of vital phosphates -- for now
Previn in the Berkshires -- a potent formula
Citing cost of import bars, US study asks freer trade
Strengthening the family

Some cues on peas a most versatile family of plants
The Chattanooga violence
The Judeo-Christian code

US says drought will hike cost of food slightly
Unclaimed money -- banks absorb it; states want it
US report alerts globe on dangers
Carter compares sacrifice of draft with Afghanistan
Israeli deputies hail Jerusalem as 'eternal capital'
AFL-CIO warning workers against Reagan's wooing
Farm-output costs: an up forecast
Prosaic products go in for pizazz
Good weeding pays off many ways
Kenya's President Moi cracks down on corruption in government

White S. African Students push for interracial contacts
Turkey: politicians feud while terrorists grow bolder

Ford plans fourth Mexican plant
Steak, fruit, direct-dialing: Can it really be Moscow?
Row over Israel's Arab prisoners
Dousing fires of black discontent in US
Chopping away with fiery ambition
Carter aides voice concern over Billy's impact on ballots
Japan's automakers to cut prices
Airlines urge ticket-tax cut
Improve the capitalism we cherish

Stresses loom: but changes possible
Who determines our welfare?
Three steps to invigorate political parties
Disturbing trends
New Hebrides revolt quelled
Does Secretary Muskie, like Senator Muskie, care about clean air?
Iran: bad news for Bani-Sadr could be good news for US hostages