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Monitor Archive for July 23, 1980

Coffee smugglers filter funds away from Uganda
Plywood for his canvas, turnip greens for paint, old houses as subject
Nasturtiums at 2:00 A.M.
Courts recognize teens who live on their own
SOS on soot buildup from mood stoves
What will be price tag on court ruling giving free education to 'illegals'?
A political disaster averted
The wonder years
Radar hints possible surprise: an 'oasis' of water on Mars
Grey ash giving way to summer's green in Moses Lake
Go slow in Alaska
Automobile 'running on empty'?; Looking up the road ahead; Running on Empty, The Future of the Automobile in an Oil Short World, by Lester R. Brown,...
An ex-spy defends those CIA broadcasts to Iran
The ins and outs of certificates of deposits

Britain gets frest burst of 'free enterprise'
Muskie: campaign debate would help pass SALT II

Safe, easy product for boiler repair

Exhaust gasses being tested to stretch fuel in big trucks
Wave of storms breaks hold of the heat wave
China's lead role for 'opera prince'
Two more moderates added to Reagan team
"The sun shall not smite thee"
Alternatives for small savers
Pentagon denies it knows of improved Soviet missile
In Moscow, Chicago: Soviet system clings to its 'own'; US asylum for Ukrainian boy raises questions of parent rights, reciprocal immigration policies
Schools are for illegal aliens, too
Europe to make a play for Mideast peace at emergency UN session
Readjusting the scales of justice; Criminals and Victims: A Trial Judge Reflects on Crime and Punishment, by Lois G. Forer. New York: W. W. Norton &...
In Moscow, Chicago: Soviet system clings to its own; For dissidents there's small comfort in hoopla unless publicity helps win right to emigrate
As Olympic torch passes to new president, so does political swirl
'Welcome home, Richard!'
A former aide to Shah assassinated in Maryland
Summer companions
As Hollywood strike rolls, the big studios are dark
Minute tricklings from Watergate plumber's faucet; Will, the Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy New York: St. Martin's Press.

Mark it down: another Chicago world's fair in 1992 maybe
The rewards of summer -- a stroll through the Met
Wicker goes country, casual, or contemporary
Australia 'illegals' offered amnesty
Getting information on adding heat pump
On any scale, perceptive and penetrating
New hands join to avert racial riots
An Afghan refugee's message to Americans
If Carter sinks, could Muskie swim?
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Working parents -- who cares for the kid?
World oil prices stabilize as surplus grows
Runners in Olympic gold rush
Fairy tale or nightmare in Haiti?
USSR nuclear accident 'confirmed'

Alarm heard on shrinking US farmland
Draft sign-up evokes mixed reaction
Long, hard road to mend Nicaragua
Sinking oil tanker closes Rotterdam port

Extension cords: new safety standards set
Khomeini's son expected to be named premier