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Monitor Archive for July 22, 1980

Maureen Reagan's challenge
Better bargaining rights haven't cut public worker strikes, report says
Trans World reports in with sharp quarterly loss
The many masks of modern art-IX
Polish sprinter back in the Olympics for the fifth time
Royal tribute
Movie actors on strike; TV-radio union may join
Syria's strong man flexes muscles against foes at home and abroad
Taking cronyism out of jury-picking
A couple of banks lower prime to 11%
No rush to US post offices on first day of draft registration
One way to store, display, decorate
French police vexed by Mideast political violence in Paris
Kennedy and Anderson could decide 1980 election
The Senate's most memorable speech
But not all Iranians are still behind the Ayatollah
Olympics opened, airport closed
Media madness
Iranian clergy tightens grip; moderates, Bani-Sadr weakened
Mayor Koch peevish host to Democrats
A story of two loaves
Auto supply firms share the slump
Strike lifts price of American copper
Polish strikers go back to work, but calm is tied to larger role for unions
The mysterious ways of the Italian railway
'Information, Please' business bureau
Urban terrorism dormant in Latin American -- except for Chilean flare-up
East Berlin: scouting for traces of a city that vanished
Mauritius raises ruckus over Diego Garcia
Supply equals demand
Politics vaults into Moscow Olympics limelight
When West meets an Eastern tour guide
Bolivia coup perils S. American trent toward civilian rule
Bionic Tom Watson adds 1980 to his '75 and '77 British Open victories
Rough waters ahead for those urging full-scale ban on whaling
Carter asks Senate to kill Alaskan wilderness bill
Great Lakes not really as clean as might appear
Military service problems
UN called to discuss Palestinian question
Move to East Jerusalem by Begin called imminent
No blacks, not even 'stooges,' sign up to serve on S. African state body
Crisis and comeback
Does this bus go to Okemos?
Premature draft dodging
A sea chantey
Inflation tops Carter agenda in election year
Moment for remembering
Despite US airlift of arms, Thailand still frets over more powerful Viets
China convicts 2 citizens and a Russian for spying
The Berlin Ballet captures moments from Dostoevsky
Superpower diplomacy in era of instant communication