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Monitor Archive for July 21, 1980

How the Monarch Got Its Colors
Overhead sculpture
Parents 'do something' about drug and alcohol abuse
Namibia official may get new post
'How-to' books for decks and fireplaces; How to Plan and Build Decks. Menlo Park, Calif.: Lane Publishing Company. $3. 95 paperbound.
Country Style
'How-to' books for decks and fireplaces
Kremlin casts its presidential vote for 'balance'
Is the moon made of green polyvinyl?
Castro lauds Washington for aiding Nicaragua
Related in space
Faces of the Moscow Olympics
Beneath Spain's surface calm, Basque terrorists wage fierce campaign
Regardless of stance, good golf shots are 'aimed'
Turning the tables on tight space
How Ford got the 'no' he wanted
Saudi official rules out ties with the Kremlin
Country antiques: versatile, usable
Quote; View from above the field
Auction 'finds' fill rural retreat
How 'junior' colleges have grown up and up
Work hard, work easy
Summer cosmetics: bright, natural, glowing
Heat wave; US seeks ways to help sizzling farms, cities
Iran's military: 'public enemy No. 1'
Mountain home geared for outdoor enjoyment
New Lebanese premier named to spur unity
Western yachtsmen stage protest at Olympics
Bolivia: yet another coup
Suspect in attempt to kill Bakhtiar is with Al-Fatah
Brazilian weather brings coffee price drop
Soviets expel founder of a feminist journal
Battle line drawn over tax cut issue
They were here before us
Japan Socialists say 'no' to more arms, but do countrymen agree?
'How-to' books for decks and fireplaces
'How-to' books for decks and fireplaces Wood decks: Construction and Maintenance, by L. O. Anderson, T. B. Heebink, and A. E. Oviatt. New York: Ster...
Who pays presidential plane fare?
A delegate's afterword on that Tehran conference
'Bedtime bank': one way to quiet young night owls
'Reagan rally' helps to lift stocks past the 900 barrier
Year later, Amtrak is keeping riders won in gas pinch
Old friends and new faces in the figurative tradition
The liberals: shape up or ship out
Sam Fuller's World War II
Stop-and-go draft registration moves ahead in legal limbo
Bolivia military puts familiar brand ('reject') on civilian rule
Women's liberation reaches into the world's villages
Mr. Reagan's world
Olympic Boycott
Two mid-distance stars ready to burn up Moscow track
Edgar Dolphin Saves the Sea
The Sea
Arab states attempt new peace plank
'How-to' books for decks and fireplaces
Ethnic and religious divisions new troublemakers on Turkish scene
blends the old with the new
US year-end sprees detailed
To the end, intrepid
Farmers to tell other 95 percent: we need and deserve a fair profit