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Monitor Archive for July 11, 1980

Presidential debates: Is three a crowd?
1980 lag, '81 stagnation forecast for US by OECD
Blacks join Colored boycott in S. Africa student unrest
To 'new breed' of black professionals, rioting is no reason for giving up on Miami
Philadelphia police shedding brutality image
Small insurance agencies may be going the way of the corner grocery

The overlooked side of Chinese art history
Twyla Tharp, choreographer-in-residence, gives a master class

Hostage is hospitalized in Iran; freedom ordered
The most economic standy temperature
The real immigration problem: too few resources for too many people

Businessmen, politicians worry about complex waste dump rules
300,000 miles from a car; armchair showroom tour; Why Trade It In? by George and Suzanne Fremon. Cockeysville, MD.: Liberty Publishing Company. $5.9...
300,000 miles from a car; armchair showroom tour; World Cars 1980, published by the Automobile Club of Italy. Pelham, N.Y.: Herald Books. $33.95.
CENTRAL AMERICA Revolution past, present, and future
Moscow arenas show their Olympic colors

Hazardous waste disposal sites: 'not in our backyard!'
Moscow placed off limits to non-Muscovite Soviets
Flame-resistant paints for specific uses

Americans spending 74% of incomes on necessities

GOP senses victory with 'unknown' Reagan
Ford imports subcompact savvy for '81s

Corporate 'outsiders' sniff profits and inflation hedge in oil drilling
Medium-range weapons, long-range aims
Best way to refinish old linoleum floor
Detroit contract talks sag; convention carryover seen
Assam turns the tables on India by adopting civil disobedience tactics
Mother and sons in the Great Depression
Gun controls: the D.C. example
New man for nuclear safety
Water stains on cedar paneling?
Cambodia's war: risks and costs for all
I know a fine spot upstream
Changes for Puerto Rico are blowing in the wind

As pennant races resume, NL has edge in suspense
And now there are 3 -- Reagan narrows VP field
Sandblasting is only way to clean stucco
The GOP and the ERA
Phalangist takeover dashes hopes for short-term Lebanese unity

Iran reverses women's 'liberation' as Muslim hard-line pressures grow

Sturdy Kohlrabi finds its way to table in many ways

Who gains, who loses, if US lowers gate on Japanese cars?
New nest for two
Exterior wall insulation
Why the Israeli's prefer almost any candidate to Carterto Reagan
Freedom from drug dependence
New-home sales pick up sharply
Removing creosote from a brick chimney

Genscher sees a solid West facing East