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Monitor Archive for June 6, 1980

Motor City: troubles and success story; Mustang -- the Complete History of America's Pioneer Ponycar, by Gary L. Witzenburg. Produced by the staff o...

Washington State talks about more controls on growth
Death-row convicts get convicted killer to appeal

When lines are drawn

Tropical plantings for Southwest patios take extra care
Don't count on resurgence in home buying
A pay-cable network for arts, diversion?
Primaries -- better than 'bossism'?

AFL-CIO hits corporate pensions
US response to Cuban tide 'impressive' in retrospect
President or Congress: Who's boss?
Stanley H. Pinstripe's clever desk
Buddy Bell's like Reggie Jackson without the N.Y. hype
A child's mind
End of a Washington era: 'reform' falls on hard times
Bend the wrists on short swings
Recession? Boston's 'electronic beltway' hasn't even heard of it
US computer goof alerts planes for Soviet 'attack'
Young American has special twist on making it big
Begin interview: holding the line on settlements, Palestine self-rule

Cairo military chief warns of threat by Soviet arms
US expecting more visitors
A place for everyone
Cossiga fights to stay on top as Venice summits near
Two-track PLO policy: talking, fighting at same time

Deng formally announces he'll leave government

Homework on computer becomes a 'class' distinction
Dialogue in a time of trouble
Why is a butterfly like a steel rivet?

Archibald Cox

The gleam of DUTCH SILVER
Climate control in down-Maine attic
Support for Nicaragua
INFLATION; Consumers can cope
US steps up effort to strip RKO General of TV stations
There goes -- one rich cowboy
INFLATION; How and when it started
Faceless men in a dreary place
An Arab's perspective on OPEC price increases
INFLATION; No easy cures
TEXAS only the armadillos are the same
Al-Fatah backs PLO's tough line

The quality of (working) life
SALT must be ratified -- Vance
Unimpaired wholeness
A family penchant for Hudsons: 84 autos
Terror claims the West Bank
S. Africa sees communist plot in oil-plant explosions
How would Congress save oil?
Mini greens bewilder Trevino
Motor City: troubles and success story; Detroit 1985, by Donald McDonald. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co. Inc. $10. 95

Where to find out about vegetables, tools, gardens
Soviets hit Afghan area to cut off supply line
3 questions on painting concrete and metal

Job hunting: a grim chore for the young and unskilled
Aliens in the pizza parlor!
What ever happened to arms control?
Oil fee battle now a war over host of issues