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Monitor Archive for June 27, 1980

Carter pressured to end grain ban
Keeping paper work dry in a damp shed
Ford pushing gas economy in its small trucks
Sometimes removing old gutters is tricky
Backing off from the Afghanistan brink
Draft sign-up foes file suit
A garden as art: paint your own cornucopia
US calls on USSR to urge Viets to halt Thai attacks

All those consultants
When a platform is called 'Democratic only in name'
Now, 'used' houses that come with guarantees built in

Knock the white hats off the regulation-busters
A best seller on -- less-developed countries?
Paint not always best for swimming pools
Likewise, I'm sure
NATO backs US on key issues

Campaign image for Carter; man of peace
Britain lays massive pipeline plans for North Sea oil
St. Helens lava stirring, suggesting new eruption
Portugal backs Carter on Afghan condemnation
Turkey: why terror fails to snap NATO's weak link
Olympics-holdout nations to hold games July 16-17
Is Carter planning a tuneup for Detroit?
When all's shipshape
Why Sadat might return to the Arab fold
Behind US peace feeler
Thai-Viet fighting slackens but war of words mounts
Clint Eastwood as Mr. Nice Guy; Bronco Billy Starring Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, and Scatman Crothers and directed by Eastwood
Energy companies ownership comes under new scrutiny
UN hopes to seal up Law of the Sea conference soon
Tile troubles
Magic weekend
A penny saved is $1.15 earned
With care, you can coax butterflies into residence
State Department urges OK on A-fuel for India
Learn to read the weeds -- they're good soil hints
Final legislative leg for US synfuels program
There is a basis for hope
A siren call does in the Japanese beetle

Jamaica opposition leader asks for election vigil
Nuclear genie: out of the bottle?
Soviets offer Schmidt a red carpet -- and a warning
Language classes help grade-school integration work
Citizens get power to sue officials in 'rights' denials
Syria may move closer to Soviets
Coffman's decathlon dream derailed
Citizens Party seeks toehold in US politics