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Monitor Archive for June 26, 1980

Novelist JOHN GARDNER; 'Everybody is a giant'
A call in Ankara for NATO unity
Don't pan peace hints
Sri Lanka tries to prop up limping economy with power, farm projects
THE SEARCH FOR NEW BEGINNINGS; Social historian Theodore Roszak
Saying something with 'great gobs of paint'
No Chinese meal can be complete without soup
Phil's Carlton, a man of few words -- and few losses
Rawls: A one-woman show
Economy top issue to GOP brass
Oh, Those storied stadiums; mirror, mirror on the wall
Rumblings in Bolivian military may shake nation's civilian government
N.Y. skyscraper blaze points up need for US fire code

Schmidt-Strauss mudslinging blackens crucial election campaign

HOCKEY; Does overtime period make sense?
Mixing politics and foreign policy
Moscow hard pressed to keep its red star shining; East bloc foresees shortage of energy, raw materials
A 'tourist's' view of Egypt with Sadat and Cronkite
Soviets irate at Carter visit to Yugoslavia
American Film Institute's Jean Firstenberg; From would-be sports announcer to president
Ranking the great athletes
A teacher's return to Zaire
The sour news -- higher sugar prices
Turks emigrate in droves due to economic woes, political violence
Jamaica coup attempt may work in Premier's favor
Vietnamese broaden thrust into Thailand
The great game of puppy politics
Moscow hard pressed to keep its red star shining; Soviets soothe allies, attack US after Afghan 'withdrawal'
Slipping into Afghanistan: turbans help
Canada hopes for summer verdict on size of its far north oil fields
China asks for pullout by US from South Korea
UN defuses dispute over UNEP building plan in Kenya
US East and West, left and right want tax cut; Heller: even with a cut, revenues will rise
Collectors treasure old certificates
Carter, in Spain, hails democratic progress
US public losing faith in Carter
Congressmen say Japan must cut surplus more
FEMA: high marks from Congress as it juggles crises
Canada's pirates of the airwaves at large
US East and West, left and right want tax cut; New Reagan proposal upstages Carter

Call for Israeli election threatens Begin's hold
Live nearby? Big cities want your vacation business
West reaching new crossroad on spread of nuclear club
Israelis accused of encroaching on Lebanon

The Carter caravan
Clear the track for freer trains
Hand-painted craftsmanship marks Danish porcelain
Canada's Stratford: 'a wonderful mix'
Hard times in US tighten foreign-aid purse strings
Pole house: a solution to an 'unbuildable' site
Anderson fight to get on ballots hits snarl of state requirements