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Monitor Archive for June 24, 1980

Yugoslavs toe nonaligned line, welcome Carter
Venice summit talks politics, acts on energy
New Cuban influx on horizon?
Evidence obtained illegally upheld in trying 2nd party
Angola seen loosening ties with USSR, Cuba
Britain's angry young man; Look Back in Anger Play by John Osborne. Directed by Ted Craig. Starring Malcolm McDowell.
Of causes and effects
Two pair of eyes in Afghanistan; Afghan rebels: More time squabbling than fighting
Studies put heat on DOE solar project; GAO, OTA reports: many projects overbuilt not cost effective, and they often malfunction
Feuding Mohawk groups, NY troopers in standoff
New anti-inflation team raps Reagan tax-cut plan

Japan ruling party wins, but who's in charge?
Morocco warns OAU not to admit disputed new Sahrawi Republic
Homemaking as a career
'Sunset laws' spread, help states cut agency clutter
Thais in heavy fighting with force from Cambodia
The house in Rome where poetry is enshrined
Luring Irishmen (& industry) back home
Disappoint disappointment
Main Street summitry
They're staying at home and they like it
Tax-funded seal slaughter
It has Beckett and Worth, but drags
San Remo: past its prime, but still in full-flower
U.S. tells Iran: no trials for our hostages
Two pair of eyes in Afghanistan; By day, words of unity -- at night, gunfire
Alberta oil executives win leeway to switch companies
Five students wounded in West Bank protest
Census: under fire from two cities
'Allo, 007?' 'Da'
The many masks of modern art - VI; The narrow thread of humanism in modern art
Wimbledon watching Borg
Iowa's bellwether county revisited
Mrs. Gandhi loses her powerful heir apparent
Skylon: where the view competes with the food
The Saudis: peace signs and warplanes
Spanish entry into NATO hinges on EC and Gibraltar
Mansion where Old Hickory retired from battle
Ugandan wildlife faces extinction by poachers
Score of Jamaicans held in alleged military coup
Quandary on the quay
Garden within a garden
Oil prices: OPEC is not 'The real cartel'
Prime rate slips again, to 11 1/2
Dear to my heart
Tax cut is certain, inflation chief says
Shale oil prospect: costly relief from imports for US
Soviets use troop pullout to lure US