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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1980

What's behind Soviet pullback

Japan's old guard teeters in high-turnout election
Squalls now, but Reagan should soar high in July

Kremlin 'conventions': Will new heir apparent emerge?
Illinois ERA vote: Reagan cheers it; NOW tactics shift
Chile's new labor code plays into leftist hands

Iran leads with 250,000 from abroad
Market shows pros' caution over recent push
Montana utility, tribe make peace on new power facility
Afghan pullout must be total, Western leaders say
If Japan Can Why Can't We -- is it management
Court of Appeals upholds California art resale law
If kids could place a want ad for a mom
They don't forget inflation
First Tall Ships cross finish line in Norway
Warm-weather sports -- for the active and passive
They're going to get it now!
So much the branches tell
Punitive, in-school suspension -- yet it works!
Madrid rejects demands to free Basque guerrillas
Shops in Afghan capital close to protest Soviets
Oil, water, and politics mix in Venice
S. Africa unrest spreads to Port Elizabeth black unions
Hooves and saddles
Baath Party wins control in Iraq legislative election
Biking across the country -- the third time around
Alcohol and sports: no mix in Scotland
Camden: Maine's seaside idyll

Saudi F-15 request: still Carter test
Seven of my friends
Caution, construction site -- design students at work!
West Bank cycle of violence decried
Chinese visit upstaged
Air safety's sharp new spur
The hills are alive with the sound of music festivals
New York to put oil-company tax into transit system
A little bit of Norway -- in the middle of Wisconsin
The fine art of picnicking
A summer's treat
Taking a trip by airplane
Israel sidesteps crisis by authorizing budget cut

Ballet makes itself at home in LA
25% of '79 profits 'illusory'
FBI readying for anti-draft wave on campus this fall
Black, Colored unrest warns white S. Africa
Texas pagers to the rescue
Television, and our fuzzy reception
New star-studded inflation fighting team: made to order for Reagan?
Reagan age issue worries GOP leaders
Hussein hopes Congress will OK sale of tanks