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Monitor Archive for June 20, 1980

Europe asserts independence from US policy
Bolivia returns to calm, but right still plans to quash June election

Bani-Sadr strives to rein in Iran's Revolutionary Guard
A safe way to clear out constricted pipes

Two timely voices
Banking soil at house to gain earth's heat
It rained harp strings last night

Building a lobby for planet exploration

Third world finds slim pickingsat food parley
Real estate industry beckons those willing to be 'pros'
Poll shows tatters in the Democratic coalition
Gardening in the wind needs a different approach
Libya-Egypt tension grows as USSR backs Qaddafi
A light that fails
You can make a difference
Solar mobile homes
GOP leaders favor Bush for No. 2 spot on ticket
A serene Hussein holds out for overall Mideast peace
Japanese and Americans share golfing fascination
Soviet-bloc meeting ends by reaffirming unity
US productivity slipping: an economic whodunit
Iranian calls Bani-Sadr new 'Shah'
Carter asks $1.5 billion for various emergencies

West Germans cultivate Euro-Arab link with Saudi Arabia
San Francisco's old 'Victorians' come back like new
New abortion issue headed for court showdowns
Economic outlook: lowering clouds for elders
Liberia's right to seize US ships
Carter OKs nuclear fuel for India, overruling panel

Hope for Haitian refugees: US likely to let them stay
You didn't use less energy after all
Britain doubles its oil estimates
Hot water without long-pipe wastage
In Kyoto, ruling-party candidates battle against . . . each other
3 killed after attacking British Embassy in Iraq
TV's high-glamour host with farmhand hours
Take my advice
Sunset on waste
Japan enlists judo, fencing experts to guard ballot boxes
Screw-in fluorescents
The slump: early '81 looks better
Yugoslavia: growing problems after Tito?
Torch is lit for the run to cooled-down Olympics
Unheated house?

S. African riots gain in political impact
US and Jordan: 'Beginnings have been made'