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Monitor Archive for June 18, 1980

New Orleans mob figure indicted in FBI inquiry
New Hebrides rebels try to keep negotiators away
India strife sends many starving
Women make legal gains in European countries
Children's programs cited for improving TV quality
The Sower
US incomes on hold; spending cut back
Supreme Court water decision: Another blow to US family farms?
Court: patenting 'life' and watering those big farms
Washington hunts ways to push lagging US exports
Seesaw struggle in the Sahara; Morocco chases elusive Polisario fighters with help of US weapons -- but worries about USSR
Low-rank officials reported killed in Afghan infighting
A growing idea
Weed arrangement
Music Tolkien might have written if he'd used a piano instead of a pen
Infants are not helpless
Lake Placid losers: local stores
Why author Nixon contradicts President Nixon; The REal War, by Richard Nixon. New York: Warner Books. $12.50.
Turkish opposition airs motion to topple premier
Reforming the American university
Japan schools call for recess on violence
Court: patenting 'life'
Japan ponders 'grand coalition' plan
Rich and poor on same restored Victorian block? Savannah, restoration 'cradle' of US, rebuilds with an eye on economic mix
Voter's self-protection tips
Gene-splicing: court tosses issue to public
Ma Bell's anti-trust blow: the sparring isn't over
How US sees future Hussein role
Salvaging ancient treasures from the Euphrates
The 'eye' that sees through cloud
Never have so many overseas vacationers flocked to US
Needed: a wage-price freeze and
Yankees begin acting like the pin-stripers of old
Art is where you find it
Rev. Moon's Koreagate connection; Gifts of Deceit, by Robert Boettcher. New York: Holt, Rinehart & and Win ston.
E-bonds not negotiable
A basic lexicon of terms about money and savings
Arabs say EC overture on PLO 'not enough'
Wrong way to recruit
The MX 'hot potato'
Computer circuit fingered as cause of missile alert
'Synfuels' bill passage gives Carter a victory -- and a problem
Ah, Nantucket
Delay in smog inspection may hurt in California
Iranian security chief resigns after a month
A new primary plan
S. Africa bans foreign reporters from troubled black townships
Venice summit may glue pieces of alliance back together
Swiss annuities
Amid the reruns, two new specials with a difference
El Salvador leftists scramble to unify and oust junta
Northwest farmers plow under St. Helens ash, then carry on