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Monitor Archive for June 16, 1980

How fish 'hear,' bats 'see,' and spiders 'smell'
US ports: vital cogs in community, national partnerships
Longer lakes season?
Funding twist: revenue bonds
Exxon's chief asks corporations to give more unrestricted gifts

Computers, containers cut romance of the cargo docks
Priest is slain in El Salvador

The bad-news bulls chase the bears in a market run-up
Khomeini: criticizing a mob but not shoring up a regime
A man of immaculate art
Enrollments are not (repeat not) declining

Some surprises in the NBA college draft
San Diego adjusts to 18,000 dutiful Indochinese pupils
South Africa clamps lid on tense townships
Guerrilla attack in Cambodia bears Khmer Rouge brand
Reagan has GOP troops in lockstep
Abscam gets scant attention as a re-election issue
Washington through the looking glass, Kremlin style
Lack of unity on USSR is rapped by Kissinger
Congress considers a plan updating US maritime laws
About our kids' page
After Venice summit, EC work moves backstage
French warn British on New Hebrides force
Validation and workaholism
A few fascinating strides in 'new music,' 'minimal art'; Philip Glass in solo Concert. A recital at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, Brooklyn
Japan election: a hawk, a businessman, and an intellectual

Nonstop news for TV buffs who think they've seen it all
The search for oil: wooden derricks give way to computers, satellites
Consumer activism hits high gear as recession deepens

The two-edged Walters technique
A few fascinating strides in 'new music,' 'minimal art'; Sister Suzie Cinema A Prelude to Death in Venice'
Pacific trade calls West Coast ports
Politics and the heavy speculators
Britain may boost its nuclear submarine fleet -- at NATO's expense
Great Lakes ports look toward seas
Federal Reserve may stick to its guns on inflation
John Anderson's sense of humor
US air-to-air missiles wanted by the Saudis
Hussein: cordiality, yes; but Camp David, no
Red tape moors US shipping indefinitely, harbor officials complain
America's seaports: trade winds blowing fair
US coal exports could use deeper channels
Carter and 'American dissidents'
Soviet leaders face economic, labor problems
3rd-world population surge seen
House sitting: a chance to trade the city . . . for the suburbs
Has British tennis lost its bounce?
Casinos: New York's bad move
Begin rides shifting pyramid with plenty of coalition glue
Oregon's stage success story
Booming Sunbelt ports look for room to expand
Lyrics for the Morning; II Samuel 23:4
Beavers, geese, oil, and gas -- a study center make
East leads in improvement outlays
Four years since Soweto
Protesters in Belgium damage A-waste ship
Labor, shippers: era of good feeling
The freedom to move
Forecast for St. Helens: the 'Show" is not over yet
Mission to Moscow -- from Iran
Recession prompting drastic switch in US economic policy
Dwindling US fleet carries 5% of cargo
Simple activities for young children
US 'melting pot' has a tough time coping with immigrant issue
Gulf Coast ports sense change in shipping traffic
Cleaning up waterways is next big step