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Monitor Archive for June 13, 1980

Dutch ship with A-waste heads for dumping at sea
Registration for a US draft could get going in July
The US Open: they're shooting for a piece of tradition
'Missing memeograph' case puts Polish dissident on trial
We can't wait
Help on atrium prefab
Picture the tiny hummingbird -- outside your window
European plan aimed at Mideast deadlock
Thai refugee program risks fanning border tensions
Unheated house
N.Y.-N.J. commuters lose Hudson link in strike
Census goofed, Hispanics charge
Unheated house

Keeping Mideast peace talks alive
More nations elbow way into world's 'nuclear club'
Condo conversion of old 1887 house captured for TV
Wyeth at the Royal Academy
Those less tractable, more demanding Chinese
In praise of thinning out fruit on the bough
Cleaning up aluminum
Layoff tide spreads across US economy
Iran's Bani-Sadr locked in power struggle
Ways to get rid of water stain in log cabin
Scotland Yard veils anti-Qaddafi Libyans in Britain
Cossiga victory pulls Christian Democrats out of tailspin
Stop the urban sprawl on US farmlands

Afghan rebels reported stepping up use of gas
Europe's new Mideast plan divides Sadat's Arab critics
Unheated house
Reaching for the golden days of 'Omnibus'
Ohira passing puts Japan politics in confusion, ruling party on precipice
How to separate moisture and paint
Teachers in South Africa seek nonracial association
Watson: Next stop, a Cabinet post?
Garden: a thought taken root
Attitude and your job
Some say US business revival may not be so quick
Plant-multiplying: three easy ways

Carter, Anderson, Reagan debates: Who's David, who's Goliath?
Frenchman to join Soviets on spaceflight in 1982
When US sanctions were folly

A bird by any other name
100 years of care
Grain experts conference hints Soviets feel the pinch
Shoring up parties: Hedge against 'image' politics?

The electoral college: will it blow its top?
Iran, Afghanistan: two small countries baffle the superpowers
Jordan's King out to modify Carter views
A Flag Day call for the 'pledge'
Unheated house
Getting along in the alliance
A 'moral' argument in support of nuclear power