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Monitor Archive for June 11, 1980

Is US letting Korea democracy crumble?
US trying to guard own interests in deep-sea mining
Captivating look at Mao; Mao, By Ross Terrill. New York: Harper & Row. $17.50.
Packing for vacation? Coordinate your wardrobe, mind the little things
'ABC Closeup' on the faces of N. Ireland
Soviets reported paying costs of many Olympians
Solar mobile homes
US oil diet: long way to go for that slim European look
US mayors' hearts belong to Jimmy
Schmidt sets campaign plan
an interview; Anderson on Anderson
Stop the Lebanon sideshow
Information on cost of putting in windmill

West Bank tense as Jews, Arabs fear more bombs
To plan well means to travel light
An opera hit at Spoleto

Don't forget the FBI charter

Young, hungry talent for upstart Dallas basketball
The crystal prism
Shelters are permissible, but the tax man gets his due
The art between
Reagan backers accused of plotting Anderson said
Return to death row OK'd for convict in Atlanta
Everthankful purrs
Long-term housing outlook
Home solar heating for less than $200? It's possible
Portugal's economic policy hits parliamentary roadblock
Gls held on drug charges in Europe; Latin ring hit
Italian premier bests Communists
Financial aid for studying the messages from Mars
Peru's return to democracy
Security expert tells prime targets of terrorists to shore up defenses

Saving falling sun on mobile homes
Carter, Kennedy both invitng a showdown?
Is high society ready for wallpaper gown?
Moscow's 'Siberian seven': two years in US Embassy
Now that it's all over
West German ruling party's youth become less unruly
No will-- no choice
Anderson on Anderson
Holland may revive windmills

Traveling and eating
The Kurds and the future of Iran
Pentagon 'grills' jumpy computer
Why the Shah's world toppled: two views; The Rise and Fall of the Shah, by Amin Saikal. Princeton: Princeton University Press. $14.50.; The Fall of...
British beg for more serious news

Beware diet panaceas
Amtrak: making the grade at last as a rail service?
Abortive East African summit talks fail to solve Uganda problem
Britain's EC gain: lower interest rates
US-India nuclear transaction watched