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Monitor Archive for May 30, 1980

Second suspect indicted in 'Abscam' investigation
Jordan shooting rivets attention on blacks' plight
Saudi peace strategy for Mideast emerges
Does S. Korea's new ruling council amount to wolf in sheep's clothing?
Ben Wattenberg's 'walkabout' look at American politics
Venus, removing the veil; 'Twin' planet probe may solve mysteries about Earth's crust
Iranian parliament sets up its rules and committees
Captail Stargell bars doubters from Pirates' locker room
Church Annual Meeting
An Alaskan protests
Why a good film takes more than high ambitions; 'Home Movies', Starring Kirk Douglas, Vincent Gardenia, Nancy Allen. Directed by Brian de Palma.
Some help on effects of moisture at seaside
Top brass fires at Carter budget
Military may lose ground to social spending in '81 budget
Birdbath on ground has advantages
Kremlin wants to have thaw and keep Afghanistan; Carter will use trip to back Yugoslavs, discuss how to get USSR out of Kabul
Kremlin wants to have thaw and keep Afghanistan; Soviets value SALT, but won't soften Afghanistan, NATO, Mideast stands
Fungo fun gone
Who makes instant hot-water heaters?
Why a good film takes more than high ambitions; 'Heart Beat', Starring Sissy Spacek, Nick Nolte, John Heard. Written and directed by John Byrum.
Consumer-affairs sections channeling new clout for the customer

Country wisdoms
Carter on Ohio hustings as primary season ebbs
Cedar-finish options for weathered siding
Military milestone
Being in the midst of life: symbols
'Super Tuesday' -- start of Kennedy, Carter patch-up?
Why a good film takes more than high ambitions; 'Where the Buffalo Roam', Starring Bill Murray and Peter Boyle. Directed by Art Linson.
Soccer top-scorer Chinaglia transforms boos into cheers

Israeli treatment of Arabs under fire

Good citizenship
Iranian search planes overfly US ships in Gulf
St. Helen's cost: 'at least $1.5 billion'
Industry keeps research lab humming

India gets USSR arms at bargain-basement prices
Food minus fear
Garden vegetables thrive among a selection of good neighbors
GI pullout urged to reunify Korea
Ingenuity builds a lawnmower that floats on a breeze
Israel weighs statement on Egyptian 'arms parity'
Moving away? Take your garden with you
Sierras' sway raises queries of new tremor
Villagers flee racial violence in India
Don't turn Iranian students into enemies of America
Gann, Yorty target Cranston in California Senate race
'The dismay about America'
Western allies stop playing the waiting game

To celebrate Boston
Repair or replace concrete-slab patio?