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Monitor Archive for May 29, 1980

Modern-day Noahs
The day that galloped away
Uganda struggles to replace chaos with orderly election, but
US 'Gold Medal' basketball series to showcase Olympic Team
Economics and nursery rhymes
How to prepare and enjoy te aristocratic artichoke
That British-American bump
Star-spangled gymnasts
Grand jury clears Jordan in cocaine accusation
Harlem as it never was
Kentucky co-op brings extra income to mountain artisans
HOCKEY; Bossy sounds off on dirty play
At Noon
Hands off these islands
FAA accused of cover-up of flight-control flaws
Fennel, both herb and vegetable provides seeds, leaves and stalk
Protected forest
A book on savory dining tips to save time for travelers; Where to Eat in America, edited by William Rice and Burton Wolf. New York: Random House $6....
Foes of pollution laws help finance Senator Gravel, who writes them
The silent art -- American style

W. Africans to cut trade barriers

Docker-shipper pact OK'd for 30%, three-year boost
Seabrook anti-nuclear protest: costly weekend of futility
Graham Gund's Architecture; Fantasies with addresses

Carter extends itinerary on July trip to Europe
Staying calm during elections
Summer vacations -- the travel industry's x factor
Among the Tigers' building blocks: a hustling shortstop
Help-wanted ads decline
Natalia Makarova: Her motions speak a thousand words
Iceberg power
Boston mans its cameras for return of tall ships
Don't 'sell out,' Iran's Majlis told
White House plan: tackle Anderson before Reagan
School principals line up for union membership as budget axes fall
Historic Tokyo summit; China urges Japan to help check Soviets
Afghan says Kabul open to US-Soviet security talks
US, China accused of hampering food aid to Cambodians
Carter gas tax stirs hornets' nest on Hill
South Africa's marching ministers
FOOTBALL; College bowl swap proposed
International agency helps fight poverty with handcrafts
Shootings fan S. Africa racial tension
Turkey: 80 votes, still no No. 1
Exploring the cay
Zimbabwe: Mugabe sets priorities
Mt. St. Helens opens a unique 'window into the earth'
Sadat's No. 2
MISCELLANEOUS; Sports tale of two cities
A grand, old-fashioned vocalist who revels in her art
US politics: the unlosable constituencies
Alaskan outposts keep an eye on a curious Soviet bear
Ways offered to help heal rift between Miami blacks, police
South Korea seeks to bind wounds after squashing 10-day city revolt
Saving islands in the Year of the Coast
Tree company blazes foods trail
Weizman exit seen as unlikely to affect Palestine autonomy talks
Herbed cheese to make at home
Diabolus ex machina