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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1980

With offshore drilling likely, Bay State coastal towns ready oil spill plans
Flak is flying thicker in Illinois ERA battle
Recession: 'great opportunity' to reform US economy
Indian tribes become latest faction to enter 'sagebrush rebellion'
Learning from Love Canal
Two major banks drop prime rate another point
The outfielder who says, 'Leave the writing to me'
US releases S. Korean troops
Carter fee on oil imports
Herb garden grown for fragrance alone is a treat for everyone
Court ruling forces new plans to increase black officeholders
Sherlock Holmes?; The Penultimate Problem of Sherlock Holmes Comedy by John Nassivera. Directed by David Kerry Heefner.
On Seeing a Beautiful Sunset
S. African police alerted as racial protests resume
Shoppers hang on to wallets as economic slump worsens
Wholesale prices cut by Mobil for guidelines
Black S. Africa bishop would defy 'ban' order
Compost heat article
Stilling the 'guns of August'
Snow on the roof
Berlin caught in middle
Blue-flame oil furnace compared
BASKETBALL; New skipper for the Clippers
Money shortage pushes Bush to brink
It's SRO on Seattle area bus system
Muslim states dig their heels in over Afghanistan
Four Idaho men vie for Congress seat
An unhappy sort of goat
Salvador rightists form 'hit squad'
EC scowls as it starts Iran embargo
Will Kennedy leave Senate in '82 to seek presidency?
Foreign stake in America: How big, how ominous? Financial Invasion of the USA, by Earl H. Fry. New York: McGraw-Hill. $9.95.
Four indictments returned in FBI's Abscam inquiry
Mount St. Helens -- 'only once in 4,000 years'
Home loans take some new twists
Diluting a nation's heritage -- absent-mindedly
On Wintering Over
From rosy bower to pulpit pond
On Wintering Over
Second Hand Book
Miami prosecutor: police brutality cases often complex
Liberals on Hill jeopardize OK for a balanced budget
French 'spies' after Swiss bank secrets?
County near San Francisco pioneers in solar-energy rules
Mildew on sidewalks: stomping won't do
On wintering over
A 'mystery dance' from the Alvin Ailey troupe
Will ingenuity enable China to play catch-up?
Iran speeds up hostage debate to head off new US rescue try
BASEBALL; Cooperstown candidate
Thai-Viet talks could save Cambodia from larger global conflict
Procrustes in the Middle East
'Cover Story': catchy magazine show
A recycled Christmas tree awaits cucumber 'ornaments'
It's on with the show for arts in school
Young students meeting old buildings, with appreciation
Egyptian vote may let Sadat keep office
Court says no to athletes who sought Olympics OK
If baseball disappoints the fans, soccer is hoping for a ricochet romance
A new Camp David target
Get away from it all?
Miami has ingredients for rebuilding black-white trust