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Monitor Archive for May 21, 1980

Aid for Nicaragua clears Congress
Soviet copters hit village in Iran, Pars agency says
Concorde: fast and beautiful -- but costing a bundle
Australia partially bans exports bound for Iran
British House of Commons upsets European apple cart against Iran
Tax-cut pressure increases on Carter as economy sags
Truly a prophet with a goal: light and glory depicted
Mt. St. Helens 'blow' more than just a big show
An image of backyard sport burdens badminton competition in US
If players strike, will fans walk out?
Aliens seeking jobs: stranded in policy vacuum
Congress finally tackles toxic waste
'Empire' - building with Sci-fi effects
Truly a prophet with a goal: light
Uganda settles in for new period of rule by military
Turmoil in Quebec -- hardly over
Strauss, back in usual battling form, lambastes foes, delights fans
Keep those US loan commitments
Killanin to step down after the Moscow games
The immigration tangle; US argues over pros, cons of refugee flood
Spain democracy clouded by court decisions on press
Students topple Korea Cabinet
You're special!
In the Chesapeake
Energy stocks
India unwrapped
Temporary parking place -- the tax-exempt mutuals
Afghan step baffled many in USSR, defector says
Viet rebels pry at communist grip
Greeks' raises timeless questions
Giscard summit stirs France, and Muskie
Still higher building costs
'Empire Strikes Back': to visualize the incredible; The Empire Strikes Back, Starring Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher. Directed by Irvin Ke...
Steel imports to US fall in March
Split Korea: generation gap widens at rice-planting time
Castro's rise: fullest picture yet; Pushed to communism by America's misjudgment? Diary of the Cuban Revolution, by Carlos Franqui. New York: Viking...
Don't take up Austrian toe-tapping
Israel walks tightrope over settlements
An inflation gap: union workers get a "COLA break'
S. Africa police may back down on stiffer security law
Antarctica's link with climate
Israel calls tune at Palestine autonomy talks
Blacks view 'Miami' as nationwide issue
Giscard summit stirs France, and Muskie
Massless particle has substance after all
Repair shop trains jobless Londoners
Top decorators show their table settings
Amnesty accuses Zaire of 'rights' violations
Politics: more media than message
Muslims lean on Iran to put quick end to hostage crisis
Choosing America's No. 2