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Monitor Archive for May 2, 1980

Policy, politics, principles
Blocking cold air
California is key to new George Bush 'victory plan' Goal: repeat of $1 million TV blitz that helped with Pennsylvania primary
Mulatto schooling faces collapse in Cape Town
China seeks to thwart closer Viet-ASEAN ties
Removing mildew
FOOTBALL; More on Billy Sims
Watchdog in the marketplace
The life of the Panovs -- on stage and off
Even the silver lining is dulled for home buyers

Congress fashions leash for a consumer watchdog
US wants Sohio to raise prices, aid independents
Haiti 'boat people' find no anchor in US
World beats a path to Mexico
IMF moves to ease 3rd-world oil funding
Layoffs due to imports hike US jobless aid
Wintered willows
PLO stiffens policy toward US, West
Iran hurries to beat sanctions with British car kits
Behind the brilliant Hitchcock effects: Complex insight
We (anybody) ought to be
Expect a good night's rest

A modest proposal for improving pro basketball
Wild tomatoes grow sturdy
US exercises diverted from Cuba
Vance's exit upsetting to much of Arab world
Hispanics the Challenge Ahead
Minnesota North Stars: The talk of hockeydom
Latest Soviet crackdown on dissent hits Christians hard
A tip on shingle care
Don't seal cedar
There must be a better way to pick presidents
Don't empty swimming pool when not using it
Grist for the Soviet propaganda mill
Fixing concrete floor that has disintegrated
Building a solar still
Canada Cup canceled
Hockey; A better start to hockey
May Day round the world includes rain on a parade
May Day in Moscow: more red tape than fun
Footnote to the draft
Hoeing up a parsnip pie and other delights
Sharing the gift
Indian Ocean shipments in existing plan, US says
US commander confirms scrapping raid in Iran
US recession: Not so short, not so mild?
London's hostage drama goes on
Toward a light bulb that saves energy
Preventing future Afghanistans
Carter says he'll resume US travel to back policies
The people's choice
Window moisture and attic mildew
Mexico's welcome mat for Kennedy a signal to Carter
New Queen in a modest monarchy
Carter told: shift focus off hostages
Sagging car market could keep spring out of Chrysler's rebound