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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1980

Unique prefab houses are hard to come by
Anderson's bid 'a good idea,' says last man to try an independent run

If Cubans are sent back, would they face persecution?
The real-estate industry sets out to add to its know-how
Yugoslav ruling committee names new president
Hot-water compost
Florida condominium conversions buffet retirees
US calls 17 diplomatic officials home from Cuba
Some call soybeans 'incredible'
Reagan doing the old tax-cut rag
Islanders credit their new center
Captors move some US hostages to 13th city

Gas seeping into sewers brings havoc in Illinois
Can US keep its missiles ahead of Soviet technology?
Insulating home water-pipe system
Repairing or replacing a leaky metal roof
Surfacing material requires a specialist
US guzzles less oil, imports plummet in April
America's stake in Soviet oil
Immigration under law
Carter's plan for Cubans: success in Castro's hands
Gap remains on autonomy talks
A Noise of Birds
Plans for a solar still
'The baddest dude' is out to even the score for 76ers

W. German 'no' to Olympics
Equal Rights Amendment: Illinois House delays vote
Anderson up, Carter down in California
The last shall be first, 1980s style
Big Two talk, but sent out tough signals
For an accent or edging, shrubs are right at home
Election '80: 'popularity contest'

Thailand, Malaysia split over how to deal with Viet role in Cambodia
East Germany to restore Martin Luther memorials

Canadians move to soothe rifts even before Quebec independence vote
Getting information on saving energy
Removing soap scum
Korean outcry
Irish guerrillas withdraw warning on rail-link risk
Mind your peas (and q's) on a chart
Nepalese vote for King, snub political parties
Cheers, hugs for refugees
Tanzania troops in Uganda ordered to protect Binaisa
Kennedy pullout terms: debate and June 3 loss
A wary Iran scans skies for more US helicopters
The sons of Han -- enduring and glorious