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Monitor Archive for May 15, 1980

Collectibles: age is no factor
Should hard times mean hard hearts?
Let go
Why Cuban refugees are fleeing Castro's island
10 paintings sold by Ford fetch $18 million in N.Y.
CAPTAIN BLIGH: a nice guy, once you get to know him
London auction house offers art and antiques courses
Young US solar industry: all geared up and waiting to fill your orders
Legal loopholes offer NY drivers pothole protection
Seoul hopes N. Korea will follow China's lead and mellow toward West
Protest goes poof among British labor
Sadat OKs talks revival
Bonds in inflation
New cookbook good for baking
Amerasian children; IN SEARCH OF A FATHER
Flyers aren't the underdogs but cup play resembles '74
West Bank leaders uncertain why Israelis ousted them
Saudis line up with OPEC pricing
And now Namibia?
Washington feels growing pressures as anxieties mount over 'open arms' policy
Tastes like garlic but looks like chives
For the jobs around 'Big D,' it's too few workers
Nine approaches to still life: Cezanne
Battle over 10-cent gasoline tax may have big impact in US, Europe
Mimi Olsen's miniature worlds of enchanment
Salmon and broccoli in manicotti shells
Jorge Luis Borges
GOLF; Here's one way to speed up play
Chrysler reprieved
US suspects Cuba picking a fight to divert attention from economy
For authentic Sichuan food, go to East 44th Street
Reagan's strategy
Diplomats gather to mark Austria's birth of freedom
Student clashes rock S. Korea
Kennedy planner: June 3 is day of reckoning
"Just going along for the run": Is it slowing up competitive track?
Washington and Moscow: we don't talk anymore
France off and running to Moscow Olympics
Outsiders and other changes in that old corporate 'club'
US and Europe see eye to eye on Afghanistan
For a fair housing law that works
Bankruptcies rise in US
US sabotage force lands, Iranian President charges
The daring verbal experiments of Peter Brook; Four plays directed by Peter Brook Presented by Le centre international de creations theatrales. Appea...
World gets conflicting advice on advantages, dangers of burning coal
A new kind of music: It's thoughtful but it swings
Making and taking tests with confidence
A nice place to visit
Vegetable ideas: when supply exceeds demand
'Death of a Princess' gave flawed view of Arab society, Islamic law
US allows sale of engines for use in Iraqi frigates
Mexico courts Europe in an oil supply deal
Carter consults advisers on Cuban refugee influx
Warsaw Pact meets -- and Romania's there
Japan's overseas TV unit named in influence-buying
Double exposure
BASEBALL; Triple Crown, but then what?
What the money-market mutual funds offer
Making old motor oil as good as new
On this site: Chinese Disneyland?
Anderson nearly catches 2 front-runners in poll