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Monitor Archive for May 14, 1980

The failure of 'Euroterrorism'
Detroit tunes up for a grand 'of' GOP party: 'Remember Lake Placid'
Libya deports Americans in apparent tit for tat
Nepalese vote for king, rejecting a parliament
Following in Hitchcock's footsteps - and succeeding!; The 39 Steps, Starring Robert Powell and David Warner. Directed by Don Sharp.
Following in Hitchcock's footsteps -- and succeeding!; Knife in the Head, Starring Bruno Ganz. Directed by Reinhard Hauff.
Europe's whirl of diplomacy
Carter-oil import fee blocked by federal judge
'It's all over' talk undercuts Kennedy drive
Toxic wastes -- updates on a crucial problems; Laying Waste, by Michael H. Brown. New York: Pantheon. $11.95.; Radioactive Waste, by Ronnie D. Lipsc...
A rental-housing shortage squeezes poor and young
Mutual funds see a market in pension plans for nonprofit institutions
Talking Asians into speaking with one tongue
Carrington moves to curb mounting terrorist violence
The pivot in deciding NBA title may well be Abdul-Jabbar
Japan warns of sanctions as hostage deadline nears
Shattering some election myths
Saudis and the 'Princess'
Orchestration for an underground symphony
US budget balanced, except for a few billion-dollar differences
Lights! Camera! Action! OK, judge, you can come in now
Takeover team in Uganda plans rule by commission
John Anderson: the independent and issues
Zimbabwe swears in its parliamentarians
The amazing NAVSTAR's impact on strategy
Johannesburg students due back after protest
Muskie's task: erase US zigzag image
Genghis Khan, too?
Saying it like it is
The Organist: Variation On a Theme
A case of give and take
Score on domed stadiums is 1-1-2 in winning, breaking even, losing
Rallis at Greek helm as Caramanlis moves up
Solar power through the ages; The Golden Thread: 2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology, by Ken Butti and John Perlin. Palo Alto: Cheshire...
America's leading black-owned newspaper enters its 75th year
S. Africa balks at UN Namibia plan
Korean student dilemma: opposing regime peacefully
Cartoon for Hadyn's Symphony in C. Minor
Sizing up the new fall season
How 'prime colors' determine sight
Afghanistan rebels plan united front against Soviet forces
When cattle encroach on the jungle
New look at 'shrinking' Sun
US journalist in Tehran prison
Liberian families of wealth still leaving despite curbs
Seeing is thinking
Disaster relief
US Embassy bombed in El Salvador
Mortgage hunters find bargains at last
More women become fix-it-yourself car owners
Emily's travels
Sadat moves to tighten control over reforms
US Coast Guard copter buzzed by Cuban MIGs
British workers called on to stay away for a day