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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1980

Haunting look at the unknown Stonehenges; Rings of Stone: The Prehistoric Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland, by Aubrey Burl, with photographs by...
Sleepless Nights, by Elizabeth Hardwick. New York: Vintage. $2.50.
Plan to change Constitution disappoints S. Africa blacks
Fairy tales from Europe Tomie de Paola, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. The Twelve Dancing Princesses, by Janet Lunn. Illustrated by Laszlo Gal...
Solzhenitsyn memoir; The Oak and the Calf: Sketches of Literary Life in the Soviet Union, by Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn. Translated from the Russian...
Refugee tide: little sign of ebbing
Old-fashioned adventures on land and sea; The Half-A-Moon Inn, by Paul Fleischman. Illustrated by Kathy Jacobi. New York: Harper & Row. $8.95.; Pris...
If US cuts aid, hard times ahead for Northeast cities
All addressed, nowhere to go; draft forms await Senate
Another foe of Libya killed, this time in Bonn
Finding music and meaning in daily life; The Morning of the Poem, by James Schuyler. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $10.95.
East, West Germany try to salvage detente
Soviet nonmilitary experts driven from Afghanistan?
Amid furor over TV show, new funding for its producer
Fighting WWII in the garage; Conrad's war, by Andrew Davies. New York: Crown. $7.95.
Aftermath of rescue attempt makes another try tougher
Agreement reached on Belgian coalition
Magic skips several rungs in his basketball climb
Criticism mounts over Thatcher's economic policies for Britain
Name designers and their autograph hounds
Zimbabwe police pursue guerrillas gangs
The draft and you
Are the Viets signaling flexibility on Cambodia?
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris. New York: Ballantine. $7 .95.
Moroccans open corridor to desert outpost, beat back Polisario Fronters
Democrats' concern grows over effects of a Carter loss
West Germany: where the American dream came true; The Fourth and Richest Reich: How the Germans Conquered the Postwar World, by Edin Hartrich. New Y...
Travelling in pictures; Anno's Italy, by Mitsumasa Anno. New York: Collins Publishers. $8.95.; Truck, by Donald Crews. New York: Greenwillow Books....
What makes poetry poetic? -- two critics' views; Part of Nature, Part of Us, By Helen Vendler. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $15.; Lives of t...

Samuel Beckett, by Deirdre Bair. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich. $7 .95.
Chrysler gets a $1.5 billion OK
Behind Sadat's suspension of Palestine autonomy talks
US Olympics training center host to a full house
Autobiographical look at China; Dragon's Village, by Yuan-tsung Chen. New York: Pantheon Books. $10.
High comedy -- deftly hidden; A Glaass of Blessings, by Barbara Pym. New York: E. P. Dutton. $10.95.
Government scandal hits Venezuela
Coping without mom and dad; A Star for the Latecomer, by Paul and Bonnie Zindel. New York: Harper Junior Books. $7.95.; The Masquerade, by Susan Shr...
Towing Detroit
When sis has to be mom too; The Night Swimmers, by Betsy Byars. Illustrated by Troy Howell. New York: Delacorte. $7.95.
A zinger of a thriller; The Torquemada Principle, by Jerrold Morgulas. New York: Rawson, wade. $10.95.
Republican 'minority' sees best chance for 'majority' status in 1980
New Mideast summit ahead for Carter?
'Pragmatic' Kim Dae Jung stresses democracy in S. Korean campaign
Hold it, say wary Californians to new oil leases
Kremlin calls on Carter for revival of 'dialogue'
War and Remembrance, By Herman Wouk. New York: Pocket Books. $3.95.
Surviving and Other Essays, by Bruno Bettelheim. New York: Vintage. $4.95.
Fantasy journey for all ages; Dustland, by Virginia Hamilton, New York: Greenwillow. $8.95.
Mrs. Lindbergh's diary; The War Within and Without: Diaries and Letters 1939-1941, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. $1...
France's promising plan for Africa
The Viking Age -- more than spoils and plunder; The Viking World, by James Graham-Campbell. New Haven and New York: Ticknor & Fields. $25.
S. African poll puts Botha firmly in driver's seat
Might Carter drop out of the race?
Heroines with elan all their own; Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales, retold by allison Lurie. Illustrated by Margot Tomes. New York: Cro...
Ousted Army chief's men seize radio in Uganda
Previous collision in Tampa Bay cited
Vietnamese refugess in N. Yemen find tribal society hard to penetrate
Israel establishes 44th settlement
L'Engle: a voice for 'love and commitment'
Belgrade talks chip at East-West ice
Iran fundamentalists ahead in second round of election
Afghan refugees: too much sun, too few tents
Many-layered family drama; Country of Broken Stone, by Nancy Bond. New York: Atheneum. $10.95.
Will recession aid pierce Carter's budget ceiling?
Polish dissidents continue hunger strike
Chicago ERA rally sends politicians, states a warning
No one ever called him Jack; John D.: The Founding Father of the Rockefellers, by David Freeman Hawke. New York: Harper & Row. $12.95.
Common Cause renews its push to tighten campaign financing laws