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Monitor Archive for May 1, 1980

Five hands are better than three
RALPH NADER America's last angry man
Rejection of pay offer raises Swedish tension
Pedaling to save 77,000 barrels a day
Boston Pops 'Stars' as an era begins
The world speaks on her page
Vietnam seeks air link for refugee departures
Countdown for Kennedy, Bush
Bake a parsnip pie for a different dessert
Stay-away spreads in South Africa
A lesson from a wise beast

Outbreaks continue in West Bank towns
He put the nop in the nop bop ba dee
Wild horses
How higher fuel taxes lower inflation
Too much smog in annual reports?
The pen is mightier than the mob
Boston Marathon saga ends; potential problems remain
Iran's embassy in London seized
It's time for shad, sorrel, and fiddlehead greens
German journalists freed in Iran
Iran fiasco rekindles debate on US military readiness
"let him go"
Lance acquittal: its impact on Carter, banking
What we pay presidents for
The lady with a flashlight may be the future Beverly Sills
Netherlands: new Queen Beatrix gets royal -- and unroyal -- welcome
NEWS MEDIA When the big get bigger
Trade Commission faces shutdown over funding
Light as a feather layer cakes ideal for spring desserts
quote; Pro football's best runner

Janet Baker and Jessye Norman -- 'internal artists'

Goodbye to guzzling? Summer driving slump seen
Is a recession worth waiting for?
US seeks to withhold interest
Gorky in Brooklyn: a step forward; Barbarians
Muskie: a granite note of authority
Arrests, trials, searches: Soviets prepare for Olympics
Banks pooling $1 billion to help Hunts settle up
Salvador's sweeping land reform: threat to left?
Family friend: she's the one in the mask
Some envoys to shun Red Square parade
And now Mr. Muskie
Jazz crescendos from 'a private place within'

19th century know-how puts China on track
Lithographs dazzling? try these
Met rings with the endearing Pavarotti voice

Turkish troops detain left-wing labor leaders

Pro football nabs talent; Lions get a tiger
Muskie choice boosts morale of US diplomats
New oil deposits discovered in China
500 homes of migrants burned in Indian village
Belgium, No. 1 rug exporter, seeks US inroads
Iran convinced US meant to topple regime