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Monitor Archive for April 7, 1980

After 20 years, a striking opera is heard again
Cyclone in Fijis leaves 5,000 hungry, homeless
A home for every hobby
Singlemindedness keeps De Frantz on Olympics track
Britannia rules the radio airwaves in the World News and in the drama
Cathedrals in China thronged for Easter
Learning from the Massachusetts tax cap
Day in and day out
A rooftop quiz
Kennedy effort already crimping Carter's fall campaign
China sends ambassador to Iran after '79 lapse
Conserving at home makes energy-conscious kids
Giscard's pro-Arab tilt splits French Jewish community
Most valuable stamp lands $850,000 at auction
'Politics' may undercut largest US job program
Firing up US steel
The Giant Panda
Will Pinto trial spawn more suits?
B&B proprietors want you to be their guest
Afghans claim 4 strongholds

Forecasts are at odds, but market gains a bit
Recession odds grow as Carter tightens screws
'Key Cities' program
The unexpected outcome of detente
By honoring once shamed leader, China proves it can admit mistakes
'Privacy' vs. German hunt for spies
Artists and their inspiration
For Brewers, big potential
Artists and their inspiration; A kinship with lives made whole
It's happening again: Cubans flee in search of better life
Support needed for public/private schools
It's happening again: Cubans flee in search of better life
Paying respects to the hero of Trafalgar Square
Hostage transfer hopes fade
Unraveling the great London hotel price caper
Maldives, in Indian Ocean, signs a pact with Soviets
Mt. St. Helens' spectacular show enthralls Northwest
Togo President seeking new cease-fire in Chad
Temple bar may again be London landmark
11 seized called nucleus of Puerto Rican terrorists
Some ways to change the downs to ups
Gallery of a nation in portraits
Britannia rules the radio airwaves in the world news
The computer that would be Tolstoy
Home ownership impossible? One plan cracks door open
Bert Lance trial: hard row for prosecutors
Kindergarten challenged
Being and Work
How to practice using a backboard
Why Reagan is riding high
The Pen
Something's a-Ms
Doesn't every library use computer games?
N.Y.C. schools reopening as transit strike goes on
Cash hasn't caught on in Goroka
How American humor got translated into English
Forgotten Toys
Perplexing new images from Spain
Strikes, turmoil in Assam threaten Indian unity
What Sadat must take home from crucial Carter summit
New TV series offers drama for teen-agers