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Monitor Archive for April 4, 1980

Black nations draft plan to lower reliance on S. Africa
Two more hostages freed in Bogota; hopes raised
medieval masters of the 20th century
The States through foreign eyes; Are the natives friendly?
Police bring about order in Bristol, England, area
Eastern in moscow: kulich -- and mud
Where never is heard an encouraging word
US capital may bet its future on legalized gambling
The gift of vision
Designing cars needn't be a drag
Respecting religious rights in Egypt
European communist rift widens
Spring in New York
Reagan's tough talk
New York transit accord not imminent, official says
Battery-driven sump pump?
Politics of US slump in housing
Turkey's 'presidential crisis'
Raiders to L.A.? Quick, a referee!
Issues left by Jerry Brown
Easter and the news
Bay State rail mishap releases dangerous gas
A paint for hot stoves
A way to insulate old home's brick walls
Hostage transfer will test Bani-Sadr strenght
To car buffs in Ohio, electrics are the way to go
The play in silver eases, but it may not be over
Premier asked to stay on in Belgian political crisis
W. Germany nudges Namibia toward Rhodesian example
Insulation wrap for water heater?
Islanders won't wait for their ship to come in
Reagan on Reagan
Farming the asphalt jungle
A beetlephile unwraps nostalgia and finds it shiny new
Flower shows bring an early spring to big cities
Prayer-in-schools backers lose a round, but don't quit
Tighter credit raises a tax-return question
'Solar bank': Will budget-cutters put it in eclipse?
Race riots erupt in English port city of Bristol
Mediation fades in Chad as fighting is renewed
What it will cost this year to drive a 1980-model car
El Salvador: sharp test of US strategy
Winning new Simon comedy; I Ought to Be in Pictures Comedy by Neil Simon. Directed by Herbert Ross. Starring Ron Leibman.
Can Treasury stay afloat without 'marriage penalty?'
REpainting shower to get at rust
Army retirees face 'home duty'
Learn to handle match pressure
Subtle timer
Quote; Most demanding sport?
GOP chief sees pickup in House
UN team to check needs of refugees in Rhodesia
TV station fires producer for airing April-fool prank
Trees damaged by rabbits may be saved
The pullet's a prize
Odyssey into 'the roots of humanity'
The great escape
Senate OKs Carter team for Panama Canal panel
World awaits expected display of Soviet naval might
Life after TV
Why Afghan rebels need the BBC
Aircraft 'war' hits Australia