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Monitor Archive for April 30, 1980

Iranian foreign minister escapes harm in Kuwait
Lag in money slows mergers
Funding for draft plan passes Senate obstacle
Alfred Hitchcock, master of suspense
A quickie warmup is better than none
Moscow's new wave of anti-Semitism
Corporate-profit picture skewed
Looking into the eyes of Iranian victims
Senator William Proxmire and the Golden Fleece By Robert C. Cowen
US panel delays its ruling on $1.5 billion for Chrysler
The deeper warfare
Rosie Ruiz loses marathon title
Hot lines: electronic counselors
Commodities: know the risks, use a major brokerage
Caged memories
Philadelphia 76ers getting set to pay 'IOUs'?
Salvador seizes farmland to parcel out to peasants
About Edmund Muskie
Salami -- and chagrin -- at EC meet
US: upbeat mood despite setbacks
Neighbors without a fence
Nepal: the monarch's kingly role at stake
Amnesty charges Soviets with drive on dissidents
Furniture caters to tight money, small space
Sims of Oklahoma picked by Lions in football draft
How Iran's Soviet rail links could undercut US blockade
Laboring under illusions
Smart baseball endears Stennett to Giants
Bakhtiar, others seek help to oust Khomeini regime
A crystal-ball look at US business
You can have a good time at a documentary
Best hope yet for more women in Congress?
The Cubans
Callousness in Tehran
TABA or not TABA: that is the question
A plea to Carter and Reagan
Investment in research lags behind US economy
Troy Song
New view of world hunger
Retirement housing
Why Muskie was picked
Paper profit: it pays to collect trash
Broadway's pre-Tony flurry of openings runs the gamut
Many Europe communists hum Moscow's tune
Growing appeal of the documentary
Help-wanted ads sagging
Ford runs up record loss in first quarter of 1980
US says fighters chase Iranian plane near carrier
Picture of the Mob -- 'organized,' 'deadly serious'
Iran confronting leftist showdown
Hunt brothers ignore congressional subpoena
'Old-fashioned' art you would love to hold
Iran waylays German journalists
Travel tradeoffs: as air fares soar, so do 'discount' deals