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Monitor Archive for April 29, 1980

New light on Moscow's victims
On the open road in a gas-saving 'micro mini' RV
The 'complete energy-saving' store
New York weekend specials: luxurious bargains
How much oil profit is 'plowed back'?
Sonics trailing but Williams isn't
Iran impact on political front
New Exiles: housing low, spirits high
Desperation for would-be exiles
For some, a large car is not such a bad deal
Indiana prison strife ends; demands to be discussed
'Prime' slips to 18 1/2% at a couple of US banks
Without Vance, Carter policy may shift; Both Iran, US feel pushed to take tougher stand
Women applaud a labor plug for the ERA
Sweden racing to avert shutdown in labor dispute
Need pro tennis stars? Mrs. Connors: 'Just whistle'
Navy's task: three-ocean strength
Valuing Mr. Vance
See, feel, go, and do
In search of new steam for America
High court upholds fines for child-labor violations
Marcos tries to polish tarnished human rights image, boost US ties
US lists women's job rights
After Vance: a needed reassessment of US position on Soviets?
Carter visits Texas to see men hurt on Iran mission
Try the 'new localism'
Europe, Kremlin worry as US looses voice of restraint
Household heat from compost pile?
What Vance resignation means
A war story
The mailing
Revolution makes a bad neighbor
To be somebody
For My Mother
Learning the beauty of nightlight
Bogota militants realized they simply could not win
Big Philadelphia bank firm prepares word on 'rescue'
Why strikes fizzle at Nippon Steel
US companies label employee transfers 'handle with care'
Why electricity isn't a palliative
Solar heating for a mobile home?
Georges Bank test wells show oil signs, US says
At Monaco's Grand Prix
London tries 3-in-1 school
Hesitant Europe draws together at Luxembourg summit
Ice Flowers
Atlantic City casino rush could run out of steam
1,000 Salvadorans killed this year, church says
Hostages and humanity in Bogota
The essence of home
London spotlights the new 'art sweater'