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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1980

Ten years later, environmental concern part of US life style
Following a red line of history
Iran's threat to deny oil to Japan could help US sanctions strategy
Tryon Palace's royal beauty
Building self-confidence
Art consultant advocates multimedia collections
Her pottery saved the pueblo and impressed the art world
A visit for youngest US hostage
A Marxist problem
Gambling habit found spreading to youths
A peek inside the venerable Katie Gibbs School

US Postal Service asks for 20-cent stamp rate
Argentine bonanza in sale of wheat to hungry Soviets
The rich rewards of long distance running
Air, water, land, and America at its finest
Oil strife goes on in Indian state
Turks puzzled by terrorist attacks on Army
An eye for detail
A trait apart
How to help "have not" children
Cleveland rookie looks as if he'll be around awhile
Who's at the helm in Iran amid chaos?
Ireland steps into fray over UN forces in south Lebanon
Costa Rica's rain on Castro's parade
Shift in S. Yemen is seen as a blow to Soviet sway
Practical steps to cutting family vacation costs
Caramanlis role uncertain in new Greek elections
A desperate bliss
Original Boston: where pilgrims ponder the past; Link with America
New flood of criticism on US water projects
British civil servants take reins from Army in Northern Ireland
Five hurt as Arab villagers attack Israel patrol
No more hostages freed, say Bogota guerrillas
Help for idled auto workers: a year's worth, then what?
Lifting of a siege
Taiwan dissident verdict signals possible era of political reforms
Hostage wives: a message to Europe
Supreme Court to hear TV-in-the-courtroom issue
Italy checking killings linked to Libyan terror
"The Russians' greatest reverse in Africa in years"
'I always wanted to be a secretary'
Chez nous, "les genets"
Auto workers vote to take 3-year Harvester contract
The boom goes on
Israel's fervor for music at high pitch
Criminal code climax
Flea markets where it pays to dicker
Art in the boardroom
Hang on to those ticket stubs, Valentines and posters
Art buyers: beware of so-called 'masterpieces'
Iranian oil threats miss their target
Consumer confidence rated at a record low
Belgium keeps ties to Zaire
The four unfreedoms for a billion Chinese