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Monitor Archive for April 21, 1980

CLEP for credit; Pass your way into college
Clipping from the faculty bulletin board; Waiting for campers
The words of Jean-Paul Startre
Public favors action on Iran; US seeks Mideast bases; Majority in polls back blockade or rescue attempt
An unrestricted atmosphere of serious learning
In Denmark They Say The Geese Listen
Good readers start early
Soviet caviar: Red herring caper
School information for the discriminating reader; Broad choice
China's great age of bronze
Job offers and a diploma for Boston High grads
76ers' Dawkins delivers pizazz and points

Why Carter opens the money spigot after closing it

Geography is part of destiny
High school teachers' room talk
Cubans march in Havan in pro-government show

Parents of captive Marine ask to meet the militants
In Your class it was pure torture
Six ways of thaw
Chicago crime cushion charged
Clippings from the faculty bulletin board; Welcome to the US
No separation
Step into a fantasy land of drama and dance
Arts are questions not answers
Public favors action on Iran; US seeks Mideast bases; Haggling for Somalia port involves money, border war
Co-op ed: What is it?
School information for the discriminating reader; Energy savers
Only 18% pass
A summer trip to Japan
Boston community setup makes sailing a greeze
Spending for science up, not down
Racial mixing replaces confrontations in Boston
Grading bubble has burst
CB sales regain a steady footing
Stocks sag again over questions on recession
Go to Murrow that's where
Shortchanging the solar budget
Myrtle and blithe Nana
Hondurans vote for civilians rulers
New Orleans SCIPs, dances, attains, cares
Liberian ambassador regains his UN mission
Wood heats new 30-room red-brick school
Glimmer of light from n. Ireland
N.J. program helps train 'hard to employ' for jobs
Ten years for Earth Day and a few small steps for the Moon Treaty
In the mainstream at a Brooklyn high school
School then work/work then school/school then
Indian troops and police seize oil setup in Assam
Europeans plan sanctions on Iran on cue from US
Parent advocates urged to unite
Californians immersed in French and Spanish
Business looking to bonds
How two can live more harmoniously than one
Pennsylvania: everyone sure to win -- or lose
Carter the juggler: no time for a slip
'Growing' buildings in seawater
Norwegians and Egyptians to skip Moscow Olympics
Take the affirmative and start a debate team
A high school that cares, and cares
Clipping from the faculty bulletin board; Cut down vandalism with money
Oil revenues -- panacea for Alaska's economic woes?
Ramon -- one of many illegal aliens straining US policy
Pick a course any course
Town meetings: folksy democracy
Moscow's man-in-street wonders about Olympics, Afghans, and US
Changes in bilingual education laws debated

Statistics for primary schooling
'No bored, shut faces in this high school'

Japan checks with Europe on cutting ties with Iran

Money the goal for college freshmen
Grandmother checks out a fine arts academy

Schools make a difference
Fill that vacuum -- team teach with an expert
Carter and the 'values' vote
Fellow watching
Ten years for Earth Day
Anderson view: not just 'spoiler'
High schoolers help Red Baron fly into Grade 1
Traditional view challenged for teaching handicapped
Clipping from the faculty bulletin board; Engineering deans sound three alarms
Kids discover the joys and trials of letter-writing
Year's guest term in China for U.S. conductor
Take time to explore Europe