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Monitor Archive for April 2, 1980

New talks on Colombia hostages

How GOP's new heavily-cut budget differs from Democrats'
New Yorkers face triple-header transit strike 'chins up'
Japanese partner of Chrysler cuts back aid
A living, loving order
Kuwait cuts oil output; Libya expected to follow
British steel unions vote to end 13-week-old strike
Damon Runyon's sentimental streak; Little Miss Marker Starring Walter Matthau and Julie Andrews. Written and directed by Walter Bernstein.
British ready to sell arms to Pakistan
A flowing theme of harmony
Detente in the family room; Stepping by Nancy Thayer. New York: Doubleday. $10.95.
Who's winning in the Middle East?
What a reunion!
Joe Morgan lines up with the Astros
Baseball players set to walk out
To look and see and not agree
Two Koreas trade charges but unity talks to go on
Should US get 'hooked' on LNG?
New curbs on political patronage
Israel and PLO charge each other with terrorism
Canada chooses feminine styling
Tight money hits bonds and capital spending
Southern primary 'detour' -- no problem for front-runners
W. Somerset Maugham; In books what he wished to be in life; Maugham: A Biography, by Ted Morgan. New York: Simon and Schuster. $17.95
No. 3 US bank raises prime rate to 19 3/4%
The Tin Drum; Starring David Bennent. Based on the novel by Gunter Grass. Directed by Volker Schlondorff.
On poems and things
Designer Bob Mackie applauds dressier trend
Can some new faces end the Cubs' losing ways?
Hopes for captives rise -- and fall -- in Tehran
Iran analysis: Carter is out on a shaky limb
Renting vs. capital-gain tax break
The budget scramble
Arab airlines cut a tie of dependence on West
At US request, Japanese to speed up defense plan
Pentagon's budgets up despite cuts
Militant Muslim unrest in Egypt is major problem for Sadat and Copts
Silver lining for newlyweds maybe
Condo or co-op could be a hedge against rising rents
Environmentalism 10 years after
Deng urges worldwide pooling to resist Soviets
Mini-epic couched in a riddle; Freddy's Book, by John Gardner. New York: Knopf. $10.
The Moon Treaty: fact and fiction
Tight money hits bonds and capital spending
'Manon' at the Met
Tehran thaw?
TVA pushes ahead with giant nuclear power complex
Hanoi opens way for strong leader
Fusion power: meeting the ultimate challenge
Turkey shifts currency to please its creditors
Environmentalism on collision course
When it comes to guns and butter China leans West
Loss of stratospheric ozone: the larger hazard
Discovering God's help
Questionable broker tactics
'Cooking' frozen orange juice: solar comes to food industry
Second quake in 24 hours felt in South Pacific
The business of astonishment