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Monitor Archive for April 15, 1980

US providing $1 million for refugees from Chad
Former Maryland governor loses bid to avoid prison
Top execs lagged a bit in raises
Breadrise song
North Quebec's ties to the wild
British put breakfast on back burner
Torrential rains force hundreds to flee in South
European travel still has Hope
US buys up more wheat to cover embargo level
Price gouging at the pump frustrates frugal motorists
Beefing up tradition at Simpson's in Toronto
Golf amid pines and 'gators
No time for planning
E. Africa, Sudan leaders try to patch up differences
The Red Cross and the hostages
John Anderson, the last uncertainty
Reagan: big saver, big spender
Inflation pinches white-collar pay
Pension funds in '79 did better in market
Spanish general visits US; jet fighter decision seen
Mice cause widespread crop loss in S. Australia
Carter says US will take 3,500 exiles from Havana
Art for use
Saint John: city that harbored the Loyalist view
Building a solar still for car fuel is unlikely
Visiting the London just over the Canada border
Red Cross doubles seed airlift to Cambodia
No roads lead to Churchill, but it's worth the trip
Behind Iran-Iraq clash: battle to control Gulf
How the Russians break the Olympic rules
Afghans seethe under Soviet heel
Travels with (or without) Fido; Protecting Your Pets (at home or away), by Hal Gieseking. Illustrated by Dick Kline.Stockbridge, Massachusetts: Berk...
Carter, Javits, Kennedy, and the library campaign
How men would cage the power of the sea
Healing is more than a body getting better
Australia to leave Tehran post vacant;
Chossing presidential candidates: more reform ahead?
OPEC considers increase in aid to third world
Merry bubble-gum contest
Would-be Olympic stars Tai and Randy enter new arena
How they keep 'em down at the farm on PEI
President's 'tight' '81 budget plan leaves lots of federal 'fat' unpared
Canada canoe trip: mud, bugs, and good times
European envoys leave Iran for hostage talks
Hurled knife barely misses Mrs. Gandhi
Lodgings fit for a king in merry olde Victoria
Over fields of honey
Ballesteros does a golf fandango at Masters
Cereal producers counterattack
Nova Scotia's lobstering paradise
Tongue-tied in Newfoundland
Soviet bear growls a warning to Carter on Gulf oil fields
Winooski's dome idea is looking up
Libya, Algeria to ban oil for nations backing Israel
To turn world's nuclear tide
It's a small-car world, but prices are going up
Letting off steam in Vancouver's historic 'village'
Life highlighted
Ottawa out to cut regional pull
Morning exotica