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Monitor Archive for April 11, 1980

Baby's breath for settings
Kennedy's 'Philly' friend indeed in need
EC offers US words but no action on Iran
Instant hot water for new church?
Strapped social security faces an uncertain future
A small but sparkling debut as director; Hide in Plain Sight Starring and directed by James Caan
Lance has 'day in court'; Miss Lillian in his corner
The imperiled castle
When Time Ran Out
For reform-minded Czechs the only clear path leads out of the country
Talks bolster Egypt-US alliance
Silica gel absorbs 40% of its weight
US rapid strike force: How to get there first with the most
Japan: Casting off its old ties to United States
New energy from pollution control
Southeast Asia tiptoes toward normal relations with Peking
Fresh way to Mideast peace
Andean bloc offers some asylum
Salvadorean guerrillas kill peasants, take hostages
Ransom bid raises hope for hostages in Bogota
Reading between the census lines
Information about waterless toilets
South Africa lifts a ban on blacks in construction
The fine art of grafting is really pretty simple
Carter's acid-rain clouds over Canada
China is stoking its growth surge with a step-up in coal
1st women Cabinet chief honored
Some foam insulation is restricted by codes
US officials reassess Moroccan desert war
Prospect of 'spy trials' looms again for US hostages
IMF seeks credit plan for bolstering Turkey
Carter-Kennedy: Irreparable split ahead?
85 Iranian naval cadets ordered from US now
Impressive mix of ritual, reverence, and theater; The Haggadah A Passover cantata by Elizabeth Swados. Adapted from texts by Elie Wiesel and other s...
Cigarette imperialism
Cleaning grout -- tile
Britain apologizes for film that angered Saudi Arabia
80 East Germans escaped to WEst in '79, Bonn says
Britain and Spain agree to restore Gibraltar link
Pro-Kennedy group loses suit on pro-Carter ethics
How to stop pipe 'water hammer'
All's right with the Masters
Declare peace
Gasohol -- out in Iowa they can't pump it fast enough
Arms: the easy answer
A Phoenix Suns guard who shines with his team play
Casino spinoff: trouble in Atlantic City
How to get rid of screen oxidation
Iran and Iraq step up fighting along border

Khomeini tells West: 'Goodbye, good riddance'
Memory road
Food-price forecast: A surge only more so