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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1980

Generations of pride built on a brick foundation
Can 'recession-proof' California avoid nationwide slump?
Pros and cons of war
Having a go at it
Portuguese lands to set up common market
Browsing for bargains in Boston's bookstores
Palestinian key to Mideast security -- an Israeli view
Navy women earn their stripes; fill many crucial slots
Text for today
The Thaw
Bicycle becomes big wheel once again
With 20 pitchers to size up, Indians count on climbing up
The cost of filling out government forms
Stage set for increase in interest from banks
New England cookery: plain, simple, and good
Fine advice from Henry VIII
US sees fresh cause for hope on hostages
British steel union leader urges OK of 15.5% raise
Incident in April
Mystery cash reported in a house ethics inquiry
CHinese voters get the chance to pick and choose
'Toughest motor race in the world'
Airlines find new airports to absorb expected '80s growth
Boston's restaurants: a smorgasbord of choices
It's smooth sailing in Marblehead's harbor
Brezhnev back in public to accept Lenin Prize
The silver 'meltdown' that wasn't
Political spending: business vs. labor
Boston shopping: classic to exotic
The Kennedy Library: where Camelot lingers
Iran: clashes with Kurds resume as talks break down
Violence mars funeral of Salvadoran prelate
The 'new' FBI vs. the old Mafia
Frustrated pollsters: voter coyness makes '80 forecasting difficult
Mayor works for European cooperation
In Concord with Emerson and Thoreau as guides
Jesse Owens -- his place in history
IQ or infinite qualifications?
Oxfam offers helping hand in 80 countries
A fresh look at Boston through a tourist's eyes
US explores what Sadat expects from summit talks
flooding routs 600 in a three-state region
Touring Harvard: a world contained in just a Yard
Thinking about third parties
Boston Harbor: watery site that changed history
Survival in China jail: one American's saga
Boston's lively arts
Americans do save oil
Remote printing of Monitor enters 3rd decade
Firing of public officials for partisanship ruled out
High court refuses stay to Iranian students
Conference on cities will meet in Boston this fall
Boston sightseeing is child's play-and more
When the Tall Ships sail back
West Germans are pleased with US anti-inflation plan
Advice to US from Bakhtiar
Something for all to share
Australia to investigate veterans' defoliant claims
Old Hollywood is out to pasture at Sunset Ranch
Romania's ruling 'dynasty' expands
Peacekeepers taken out of stormy Chad capital
Sports in Boston: tradition is the biggest winner
Poor, pensioner, saver all would be thumped by Carter budget cuts
Mystery cruise with high jinks on the high seas
European Community braces for the battle of the budget